28 June 2021, Dubai, UAE

As the world is on its way to recovery and mitigating the COVID-19 impact, investors are focused on maintaining the integrity of their assets while acquiring meaningful new ones. With its exclusive global network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, Stanton & Partners Aviation brings together a stellar team of industry heavyweights to lead the charge in this new era of private aviation.

With over 100 years of cumulative aircraft sales experience including new and pre-owned aircraft for some of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers across the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, the firm has a proven track record in leveraging the true potential of jets for owners and buyers.

The Stanton & Partners Aviation approach is built on an exceptional pedigree of unprecedented trust and a network of on-ground partners and industry professionalsworldwide.With over USD 4billionin successful aircraft transactions, the firm understands the criticality of protecting the value of assets while being equitable and ethical to all parties. 

Upon launching the International headquarters for Stanton & Partners Aviation in Dubai’s DIFC, Founder Allan Stanton stated, “We are honoured to announce our presence in Dubai; a well-renowned destination for ultra-high-net-worth individuals from across the globe and a mature hub for regional private aviation.

Our global network spans with the US & Latin America headquarters located in Florida, and offices in Geneva, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and London. We believe our global network and expertise will be instrumental in delivering private aircrafts; when listing an aircraft, we typically receive two strong offers within the first 30 days prior to it being advertised. This quick turnaround is testament to our in-depth industry knowledge, ability to navigate the nuances of complex contracts, proficiency in creating optimised buyer profiles along with the skills & reach of our global network.

According to Forbes, Indiahas the third highest number of billionaires in the world, housing 140 billionaires, and Billionaires Insight’s Report estimatestheir cumulative wealth of USD 423 billion. Furthermore, according to Hurun India Wealth Report 2020, India has 412,000 dollar-millionaires with an estimated USD 70 million each. Upon this, Allan Stanton stated, “Since safety, security and ease of movement have become of great importancein the post-COVID world, we predict a surge in the purchase of private aircraft with more exacting requirements; and Knight Frank surveyclearly proves this bystating that 43% of India’s ultra-wealthy travellers are more likely to consider private aviation in future.”

Stanton & Partners Aviation is at the forefront of using data-driven metrics, actionable intelligence and first-hand aircraft knowledge complemented with its global network to successfully connect owners and buyers around the world. With over two decades of experience delivering both inventory and opportunity, Allan Stanton identified a need for bespoke private aviation services and established Stanton & Partners Aviation to fill this gap in the private aviation industry.

“Our ultra-high-net-worth clients have always requested a very distinctive set of specifications for their jets,befitting their personal and professional needs. Our in-house analysis, proprietary information and on-ground team’s close relationship with partners including inspectors has been instrumental in meeting every client’s individual criteria” stated Allan Stanton.

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