Global Indian International School,Dubai,rolls out its Exciting Summer Camp Schedule

Global Indian International School,Dubai,rolls out its Exciting Summer Camp Schedule

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28th June 2021: Global Indian International Schoolstrongly believes that learning is maximized when enjoyed, so this summer, GIIS introduces an exciting line up of Summer Camp activities which offers something new for every child to learn.

The first is the Heartfulness MENA “Confluence Heart Mind Connect”Summer Camp. This is an interactiveprogram designed by dedicated volunteers in the age group of 12-58yrs of age.All the 21 programs over 7 weeks are FREE of cost. There will be six sessions on ‘Science & Art of Communication’ through drama, adventure,photography, painting, music, nature and another six sessions, a Heartfulness ‘Exclusive’ on Heartful Communication for children. The program also includes seven sessions of Yoga by a certified Heartfulness yoga trainer  for the physical and mentalhealth & well-being of the children as well as two ‘On Demand’ special sessions with the principals of GIIS Dubai & AD inconversation with guest faculty, children & parents. The Confluence Heartfulness programisbeing held from 29th July 2021 – 17th August 2021, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday.

“Through thisprogram, we are trying to sow the seeds of creativity, joy& compassion in these young hearts so they canbe nurtured to become balanced, confident young adults. We need to listen to our kids, address their fears & concerns, let them know they arenot alone.This program will allow them for an hour each, three days of the weekfor seven weeks to forget ‘COVID-19’ and love, laugh & learn together.It will bring the smilesback on their faces, the sparkle in their eyes and open their hearts to embrace that self-connection because “When one connects with oneself, one connects with the universe.””said Savita Vaidya, Certified Heartfulness Trainer.

The super engagingAstrophysics & Robotics Campis being conducted by Siju Philip, a Certified Aeronaut X Educator NASA – Texas State University, USA. Organized by Global Centre For Innovation & Entrepreneurship, this workshop will be held for 10 days withan hour of online activity conducted from 7th July to 25th July 2021. This workshop has been carefully designed to enhance the child’s knowledge in Science and Robotics and introduce them to Space Science with a certified professional in the field. This can be a great opening for those who want to start internships and possibly pursue a career inspace studies. The kits required for this will be couriered to the students’ residences prior to the commencement of the workshop.

We have all lived through a challenging year, especially children. Last summer total washout for all children everywhere with anxiety, confusion, fear, instability, and unfamiliarity gripping them in ways they may not even be able to understand or explain.The world needs evolved, empathetic and emotionally intelligent global citizens that schools need to nurture, and we are trying to do just that through engaging new activities like the ones in this Summer Camp.” Said Antony Koshy, Principal, GIIS Dubai

GIIS Dubai is also conducting an interactive workshop– Logiathon. This will be conducted from 29th July 2021 onwards. This workshop will be conducted in collaboration with Logicology and has been specially designed to enable the kids to develop logical and mental skills that will keep them in good stead with the technology and the evolving ecosystem of tomorrow.

Costs and Registration Details:

Heartfulness Workshop –Free of Cost –

Astrophysics Workshop– Price – AED750 –Registration link

Logiathon Workshop –Price AED 750 –

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