Global leading online fashion retailer SHEIN expanded its successful Designer Incubator Programme in January 2021 with the launch of SHEIN X, an innovative programme that supports young, diverse creatives and designers.Participants are taken through the whole process from the inception phase to sampling, production, and distribution via the SHEIN website, which has a global reach of over 100 million customers.

The first round of SHEINXprovided seven emerging fashion designers and illustrators with the opportunity to partner with SHEIN, and take their designs and brands to new and unexpected heights. After an overwhelming response from customers, while achieving much greater than expected sales for the collections, SHEIN is now continuing the program indefinitely. Starting this June, the programme will accept up to 50 designers every month.

The success of SHEIN Xseries womenswear garnered a new success rate of 90.63% sell through, higher than the same period of new mainline women’s collection at 34.5%. sell through = 164% increase for SHEIN. SHEIN X sales in dollar amount came in 407% higher than mainline women’s new products over the same time period. The response from applicants has reached 6,000 and growing making the program highly desirable for young talent.

More than 30 Arab designers have joinedthe SHEIN Xprogram,with Saudi designer Arwa Al Rashed launchingan exclusive collection, SHEIN X R07, 14th June. Arwa is an arts and design professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media. At the beginning of lockdown last year, she started to express herself through digital art, “It was a soul discovery and a journey. Be brave and express yourself, you are what you wear!” she said.

In celebration of the SHEIN X program and the newly discovered designers, SHEIN is offering designers the chance to compete in its first-ever SHEIN X 100K Challenge, with the theme “Be Bold, Be You”. Through the challenge, designers will compete for a chance to be featured in SHEIN’S Fall/Winter 2021 fashion showcase and win $100,000.

UAE designer, Lina Mane has entered the SHEIN X 100K$ Challenge, with her brand L’Mane. Lina, is a mother to two children, a wife, and a full-time entrepreneur as well as being the force behind one of the UAE’s most successful fashion brands.The label was established in 2015, continuously evolving to the market needs through her diverse design experience that she brings from fashion capitals Mumbai and Milan.

About SHEIN X:

SHEIN X provides emerging fashion designers and illustrators the opportunity to partner with SHEIN, and take their designs and brands to new heights. Specifically developed to offset reoccurring infringement issues within the industry, SHEIN X offers emerging talents to grow their revenue streams, gain exposure and tap massive Gen Z audiences across the globe. 

The platform will amplify the designer’s product and brand to the massive global SHEIN consumer base, while highlighting each of their unique and stylish brand identities. SHEIN will work closely with the designers and take them from the inception phase to sampling, production, and distribution (via the SHEIN website).

ClickHERE to Sign Up SHEIN X


Founded in 2008, SHEIN is a fast-fashion e-retailer with a global network that spans 220 countries and regions. Here at SHEIN, we place a premium not on our apparel, but on choice. That’s why we drop 1000 new fashion items daily, spoiling our customers with a dizzying selection of on-trend womenswear that they can mix and match to their heart’s delight. We do this because we believe that the clothes we wear reflect our personalities and we want to empower today’s women to explore and express their individuality. With the abundance of choice we provide, our customers can intricately craft that perfect look that reflects their individuality. Simply put, we help you do you. To learn more about SHEIN, follow us at shein.com, instagram.com/shein_ar, andyoutube.com/shein.

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