Sharjah’s Department of Statistics and Community Development reinforces…..

Sharjah’s Department of Statistics and Community Development reinforces its commitment to quality with four ISO certifications

Entity passes rigorous audits by theAurion ISO consultants certification body in 2020 to attain
the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 56001 and ISO 10004 Standards

Sharjah, 27 June 2021

Sharjah’s Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD)has recently crossed significant milestones along its journey of providing quality services to the emirate whilst meeting both customer and regulatory requirements, withits acquisition four ISO certifications.   

The government department in Sharjah behind key surveys, including the Sharjah Census , the Emirati household survey ‘Tahdeeth’ and the recently announced survey on ‘Sharjah citizens’ view on wedding expenditure’, DSCD has been using world-class statistical expertise and data gathering systemsto guide and fuelSharjah Government’shuman and infrastructure development strategies with real-time knowledge and statistical information.

DSCD applied for four ISO certifications, namely, the ISO 9001, which is the international standard for a quality management system (QMS); the ISO 27001, which requires an applicant to prove that their information security management systems are in compliance with the certification’s technological, operative, procedural, human and environmental benchmarks; the ISO 56001 Innovation Management System Guidance Standard – atool that audit’sthe applicant’s innovation efforts against the certification’s benchmark to validate their innovation services; and finally, the ISO 10004, which provides guidance for the definition and implementation of monitoring and measurement processes of customer satisfaction.

Commenting on DSCD’s success in being awarded these accreditations, Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of DSCD, said: “The process to attain these internationally recognised best-practices certifications in across a variety of operational process, was rigorous to say the least, but DSCD’s thorough performance protocols led by the innovation and expertise of our staff and our uncompromising commitment to quality, propelled us towards the finish line. DSCD’s dedication to not only demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet global standards in the statistical and data generation field, but to demonstrate our willingness to aim for continuous improvement are reflected in the certifications we have received.”

“Our emirate’s leadership has always acknowledged the importance of statistical data in guiding the development and advancement of societies and peoples, and these new achievements have offered DSCD’s senior leaders, researchers, surveyors and data gathering teams a fresh impetus to continue playing the roles that make them key contributors to Sharjah’s journey of comprehensive, human-centric, diversified and sustainable development,” addedDSCD Chairman.  


Attached Photos:

1.Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of DSCD

2. General photo of Sharjah

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