izil Beauty Unveils Nora Fatehi as the First Ever Global Brand Ambassador

izil Beauty Unveils Nora Fatehi as the First Ever Global Brand Ambassador

Dubai, June 12th, 2021– izil Beauty, a brand renowned for their luxurious skincare offering, drawing influences from the rich heritage of Moroccan beauty rituals, is proud to announce their first ever brand ambassador – Nora Fatehi, the famed Canadian/Moroccan actress and singer.

The multihyphenate powerhouse Nora, is an incredibly talented performer, who rose to fame through a determined dedication to hard work and perfecting her craft. izil Beauty founder Mouna Abassy found Nora to be a natural fit as the brand’s first ambassador, as she epitomizes and embodies the values of izil Beauty with her Moroccan roots, strong sense of independence, dedication while staying true to her values with her feminine and ethereal beauty.

The brand is an ode to the beauty rituals perfected by Moroccan women throughout generations, and as Nora has Moroccan heritage, she felt a personal passion towards sharing with the world the same rituals that she and her ancestors alike have grown up with. 

izil Beauty– meaning “pure” in Tamazight (Berber language) uses natural ingredients native to North Africa, such as argan oil, almond oil, shea butter and lavender and includes a wide offering of skincare, haircare and body care.

Today izil Beauty ships worldwide and opened its flagship store in 2020 in addition to a newly opened spa in Dubai Mall.The store is the perfect reflection of the brand’s philosophy of purity and simplicity thanks to its uniform white color, simple geometric shapes and smooth angles, enabling consumers to step into the world of izil, in a rich, unique and immersive experience featuring the fertile and rich lands of Morocco.

Nora Fatehi said“Izil is a skin care brand that elevates the image of my country, Morocco and my culture, as it was founded by a strong Moroccan woman who started from nothing and worked hard to achieve success without compromising on her values. When I learned their story, tried their amazing products and met the founder, Mouna Abbassy, I was immediately convinced that our collaboration will be effortless as we share the same vision and the same values.”

Founder of izil Beauty, Mouna Abassy added“Nora Fatehi is a stunning natural beauty, self-made woman and a huge talent who achieved international stardom while being proud of her Moroccan roots. Since I became aware of her, I was convinced that she is the best fit for our brand and when we finally met and I discovered a sweet, passionate and hard-working woman, I knew that, with our collaboration, the Moroccan beauty secrets will take their rightful place in the world.”

izil isavailable online at izilbeauty.com with worldwide delivery and at The Dubai Mall flagship store.  

 To discover more and to keep up with the latest news, visit izil’s Instagram page @izilbeauty 

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About izil Beauty 

Established in the UAE in 2012, izil’s inspiration comes from the founder, Mouna Abassy’s own country, Morocco, a country as diverse geographically as it is ethnically. It continues the legacy of unique beauty rituals that Moroccan women perfected throughout generations, rituals that use natural products made from the finest ingredients provided by the nature around them. From the lush mountains in the north to the arid Saharan south, women rivalled in creativity and resourcefulness to create the best recipes that will keep their skin glowing and their hair strong whether they lived on a high mountain, on the coast or in a harsh desert. It is from this incredibly diverse heritage that izil Beauty brings you natural products combined with advanced technology that offer effective results and luxurious rituals for a unique me-moment of indulgence, opulence and pampering. 

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