-UAE publisher The Dreamwork Collective launches another writer’s debut work

-The book, aimed at 6-9 year olds, is a perfect read-aloud story

[Dubai, UAE June 13, 2021]Emirati writer BashayerArif introduces her debut book, The Secret Life of Dubai’s Street Cats, aiming to create a different image of the Dubai we know and love, while delivering key messages of friendship, bravery, kindness, forgiveness, and animal welfare.

Published by UAE-based The Dreamwork Collective, The Secret Life of Dubai’s Street Cats takes us on a humourous but impactful journey through a city populated by thousands of street cats.

Our hero, Sharpclaw, is no ordinary street cat. She’s a feisty Arabian Mau and a born leader. Together with her two best friends, Twitch and Blacktail, she roams the streets of Dubai, naps in the sun and meows happily at the kind humans who feed her.

Sharpclaw can handle any kind of trouble. But when a terrifying house cat called Killtooth moves into the neighbourhood, the trio’s peaceful lives are shaken up. Can they successfully escape from Killtooth and find a new home for themselves? Join the three street cats as they explore the city of Dubai in a story of friendship, forgiveness and feline wiles.

The author has a degree in English Literature and has worked as a freelance copywriter, proof reader and editor. She believes in the profound power of storytelling and credits her passion for books for shaping who she is today.

“My book features a strong female lead character and some powerful messages that will resonate with parents and children alike. I hope it encourages youngreaders to develop empathy and understand ourhuman impact on the natural world around us,” she says.

Bashayer’s book is lavishly illustrated in creative, muted tones by Eilis Boyle, an Irish multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Financial Times, and L’Officiel.

Kira Jean, founder and CEO of The Dreamwork Collective, adds: “This charming story adds a wonderful touch of whimsy to our growing portfolio of children’s books. Our ethos is to provide a publishing platform for those who might not otherwise have had a voice, and Bashayer looks set to carve a fantastic niche with books like this – delivering a fun story with strong underlying messages.”

The book is now available from all good bookstores and directly from https://thedreamworkcollective.store/products/cats

ISBN: 978-9948-25-639-7

Print Format: 22 cm x 17 cm, 88 pages

Price: AED 50.00




The Dreamwork Collective is an independent print and digital publishing company launched in Dubai, in January 2017, with a mission to share the Middle East’s most unique voices and powerful stories with the world.

Working at the intersection of creativity and consciousness, the company is striving towards creating one of the most influential life-changing media organisations in the Middle East, offering a platform for inspiring stories from the region to be shared globally.

With a bold aim to create print and digital media dedicated to the advancement of humanity, The Dreamwork Collective offers a range of trainings and courses and has an ever-growing oeuvre of thought-provoking books, including Rock Your Ugly: A middle finger to toxic beauty standards, The Secret Life of Dubai’s Cats, Homes: We Make Them, They Make Us, Softening the Edge: Empathy: How humanity’s oldest leadership trait is changing our world, Wake Up! A five-week self-healing, self-loving journey, This is Postpartum, Whip It! A guide to getting sassy and skilled in the kitchen,and Tackled! A conceptual practical guide to working with girls, boys, women and men in creating safe and healthy discourse around deconstruction of harmful gender barriers.

For more information, and to buy a book, visit: https://thedreamworkcollective.com/


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