Two Exquisite New additions to the LOOTAH Perfumes Range: Silky Oud & Timeless Oud

Two Exquisite New additions to the LOOTAH Perfumes Range: Silky Oud & Timeless Oud

  • LOOTAH Perfumes pays ode to the enchanting history of oud with their latest launch, ‘Silky Oud’ and ‘Timeless Oud’, two perfumes beautifully crafted for those special moments that deserve to be savoured 
  • ‘Silky Oud’ blends oud, enticing lavender and vanilla with woody aromas, in a beautifully crafted, elegant and attractive bottle. 
  • ‘Timeless Oud’ is an intriguing scent that combines notes of oud and spices with hints of citrus and vanilla, in an exquisitely crafted, luxury bottle. 

Dubai, UAE (May 2021): LOOTAH, the UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery, unveiled two mesmerizing additions to their range of exquisite perfumes recently – the ‘Silky Oud’ and ‘Timeless Oud’. Living up to the brands promise of sheer opulence, both the perfumes are presented in beautifully crafted, elegant and luxurious bottles. Capable of captivating senses, these enchanting blends are now available to buy in store and online for AED 390 each.

Oud, known as ‘agarwood’ in English, originating from the South and South East Asia is largely consumed in the Arab region and has been aninherent part of the Arabic culture for thousands of years. Defining fine luxury, Oud is one of the most expensive fragrance ingredients in the world. It is said that only two percent of agar trees produce oud making it an extremely precious ingredient. Oud is also referred to as ‘black gold’ and owing to its rarity and difficulty in harvesting.

References of oud and its multiple uses have been made over centuries, right from using oud oil to perfume garments, as incense for home, and for medicinal purposes. The versatility of oud knows no bounds, as it also goes well with a variety of blends including rose, musk, sandalwood, among others.

They say that smell is one of our strongest senses and the right perfume is capable of embodying and serving as an extension of the wearer’s personality. Right from woody, citric, fruity or floral, there is an oud for everyone.

‘Silky Oud’ perfectly blends the sweet aroma of oud with rich, woody, floral, and honey scents, along with touches of cinnamon, vanilla and amber suede, to bring you the luxurious feel of the Mediterranean Sea.  The ‘Timeless Oud’ is an oriental, spicy, citrus oud, with notes of twisted Bergamot Amberwood and a sprinkle of vanilla. A fragrance to be treasured, it brings the rich feel and intrigue of the Arabian desert dunes to life.  

You can purchase ‘Silky Oud’ and ‘Timeless Oud’, or browsethrough LOOTAH’s extensive selection of the finest fragrances at, with shipping now available to all GCC countries. Alternatively, you can pop into your local store and select from LOOTAH’s extensive array of aromas in person. Find your nearest UAE location below:

  • Dubai: Al Barsha Mall, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Mall, Etihad Mall, Mirdif City Centre, & Mercato Mall
  • Sharjah:City Center Al Zahia
  • AbuDhabi: Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, &Deerfields Mall
  • Ajman: Ajman City Centre
  • Al Ain: Al Ain Mall & Al Jimi Mall
  • Fujairah: Fujairah City Centre
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Manar Mall

Find out more about the LOOTAH Perfumes experience at

Connect with @LootahPerfumes on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest product news and announcements.


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