WE ARE WITH YOU, INDIA – an initiative by Future Philanthropist in association with Dar Al Ber Society

Future Philanthropist in association with Dar Al Ber Society to launch a humanitarian initiative called – ‘We Are With You, India’. The relief campaign aims to support India, which has had historical relations with the UAE, as it faces unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The pandemic has exhausted the medical, governmental and social workers/sectors in India, and has caused mass devastation. When we are faced with a threat that impacts everyone, we must come together and stand strong. As Non-resident Indians (NRIs) it is normal to feel powerless to provide real support, but we can make a real difference to thousands of lives through our monetary contributions. Your small donation can make a big difference in someone’s life. So let us come together to support India.

How can you help?

No matter who you are or what your situation is, you can still make a big difference. Whether you are in the UAE or outside, there are many ways to get involved and aid the patients suffering from the pandemic. This includes donating money for medicines and other life-saving medical supplies to people who need it.

 Make a Donation 

While many of are have been impacted financially by the pandemic, if you are one of those more fortunate people who are in a position to contribute, please consider donating.

Dar Al Ber Society has created a separate online donation system to collect funds for “We are with you, India” campaign. The allocation and utilisation of the funds collected will be closed monitored by the Society.

How will your money work?

Hospitals and healthcare centers in India are facing severe shortage of lifesaving equipment such as PPE suits, N95 and surgical masks, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ambulances and medicine.

Your donation will be used to provide medical support to people impacted by COVID-19, and other necessary aid to those recovering from the illness, or had a familial death.  

Mohammed Sohail Al Muhairi, CEO and Managing Director of Dar Al Ber, said: “‘We are with you, India’ is a humanitarian campaign that aims to ensure that those affected by the pandemic receive appropriate treatment, and other requirements. It also aims to support measures to curb the spread of the pandemic in India, to ensure the health and well-being of the Indian people, and to protect the country’s achievements, stability and development.”

The CEO of Dar Al Ber emphasised: “The initiative carries the UAE’s humanitarian message to the world, and showcases the country’s policy and civilised vision in the charitable work sector. It is a testimony for the wise leadership and the inherent attitude ​​of its citizens towards global altruism, as well as the shared history between India and the Emirates’.

Juhi Yasmeen Khan, Founder of Future Philanthropist and CSR & Charity Initiative Expert said, “We are with you, India’ is the result of in-depth research and several meetings with authorities from government departments and other related fields. We have launched this campaign in association with Dar Al Ber Society, and will start with New Delhi, India’s capital city.  Post that, depending on the funds collected, we will extent our help to other parts of India.

“We are in constant touch with state governments to ensure the smooth and transparent operations. We are working in close alignment with local and national government authorities who have expertise in outbreak response protocols and referral procedures. We will roll out the project in multiple phases with the help of a team who will work closely with us. We will make sure the right kind of help reaches the people who need it the most.”   

The campaign organisers plan to create volunteer groups in India to organise medical camps, create bed space for patients, provide oxygen cylinders and medicines, and to arrange ambulance service. 

“I think the pandemic has taught us how panic never solves anything. When the second wave of pandemic started, we felt extra responsible to work for the community, especially in India and decided to channel our energy into really helping the those in need. Aster DM Foundation Intl will be our medical provider for on-ground activities at phase one. We will work with other medical institutes in the later phases. Aster is sure to provide us with the best medical supplies, services and assistance at the reasonable prices.” Juhi Khan added. 

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare. said- ‘We are glad to join hands with Dar Al Ber society and Future Philanthropist on the project “We Are With You India” including providing the required on-ground healthcare support &services”.

The organisers appeal to all government departments, consulates, companies, individuals, media houses, universities, schools and the general public to help spread awareness about this initiative thereby helping in fundraising.

How to Donate 

Click the link below to directly enter Dar Al Ber Society’s donation site and follow the procedure: 


The campaign is subject to the supervision of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai. Those wishing to contribute and support the campaign can donate through Du and Etisalat by sending SMS with the word ‘India’ to the following numbers: 

6026 for Dhs 200

6027 for Dhs 100

2252 for Dhs 50

6025 for Dhs 20

2289 for Dhs 10

For more information and those who want to become a part of campaign can contact us at:  CSRJYK@GMAIL.COM

Please share this information with your friends and followers on social media, and in conversations about how you are contributing during this difficult time. Be a voice for how people can stay safe in their home, yet help each other in this time of social distancing. Remind people to keep supporting this initiative.  By setting an example, you can motivate others to take similar action, and achieve greater equity through their philanthropy.  

Together we can make a difference to the world that is reeling from the pandemic, and ensure a safer community for both our family as well as that of others’. Acts of kindness make the world a happier place, so let’s do our bit.

We are with you, India.

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