Revonic delivers power of deep analytics to empowerUAE ecommerce sector in reinventing customer experiences

Revonic delivers power of deep analytics to empowerUAE ecommerce sector in reinventing customer experiences

Regional leader in business intelligence for digital platforms launches flagship REXA platform;through monitoring of key performance metrics, tool provides real-world actionable insights, leading to significant boost in conversion rates

02 June,2021; Dubai, United Arab Emirates –Revonic, a regional leader in the design and optimisation of digital experiences, today announced the general availability of its deep-analytics tool REXAin the United Arab Emirates, to enable ecommerce organizations boost ROI of their digital platforms.

As of January this year, the UAE’sInternet penetrationstood at 99%, putting it among the world’s most connected nations. Annual ecommerce revenue for Dubai alone is predicted to rise to US$27billion next year, driven by new,pandemic-induced buying habits.

The Revonic eCommerce Experience Assessment (REXA)was built for businesses in competitive ecommerce ecosystems. Flexible dashboards and rich reporting features allow the measurementof real-world impact rendered by digital transformation programmes on growth metrics such as conversion rates.

REXA delivers 360-degree views of such impacts – recordinganarray of best-practice criteria related to data, content, user experience and technology – and assesses their influence on conversion rates. REXA’s dashboard- and report-based findings go beyond the trivial to ensure decision-makers have actionable information.With such insights, business leaders can enhance ecommerce channels,achieving improvements in operational efficiency, revenues,and ROI.

“Revonic takes an enterprise’s digital offerings further, through data-based actionable insights,” said Adam Cukrowski, Founder and CEO, Revonic. “REXA will be a boon to UAE businesses that are currently struggling to understandhow their digital platforms are being received by consumers. REXA will put them in the driver’s seat of their digital vehicle and give them new-found confidence to tweak experiences and fine-tune performance. Our new normal demands a more detailed view of our digital presences as they now play uncompromisable roles in the building of our brand reputations. Informed decisions will only come through adoption of the right tools, and we will stand with our UAE customers to ensure they get the best possible intelligence from their digital platforms.”

REXA is designed for existing ecommerce channels such as websites or apps, as well as platforms in development. The tool empowersbusinesses that are trying to enhance or optimise the conversion experience, including during MVP-phase projects.

In partnership with platforms like Sitecore, Revonic has worked with brands across the UAE to optimise their digital experiences. Some of these includeExpo 2020, Du, Emirates Airline, Emirates NBD, Meeras,EMAAR, MercedesBenzand Level Shoes among several others.


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