Why UAE consumers should consume more fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months

Why UAE consumers should consume more fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months

NRTC Fresh, the leading importer of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE, ispreparing forthe summer by promoting the consumption of fresh produce to give a boost of hydration amongst consumers during the summer season. Sourcing an extensive array of fresh fruits and vegetables both locally and internationally, NRTC Freshempowers UAE residents to nurture healthy eating habits and develop long-term well-being through its diverse offerings.

The UAE’s hot climate during the summer months poses many reasons to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Maintaining adequate hydration and energy levels is vital to the human body’s optimum functionality during high temperatures. Consequently,fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, and various berries play essential roles in boosting hydration and sustaining activity throughout the day. Likewise, vegetables such as carrots and greens such as broccoli and artichokes are rich in fibre and aid digestion. This is critical as the body tends to divert energy away from the digestive function to cool down its internal temperature when exposed to hot conditions.

“Aside from their refreshing natural flavours, fresh fruits and vegetables are known for their nutrient-rich properties and antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of disease. During summer, health considerations rise along with temperatures as consumers tend to intake unhealthy chilled food and beverages to relieve themselves from the heat. Substituting heavily processed cold snacks and drinks with fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal for boosting the immune system and revitalizing the body amidst a hot climate. We believe that healthy consumption has a place in everyone’s lives, and we aim to educate the public and support them with the means for this through our fresh produce,” says Mr. Mohammad Nassar, CEO of NRTC Group.

NRTC Fresh has developed its product range to include various fresh fruits and vegetables that promote healthy consumption. During summer, the most popular in-season produce features mangoes, tomatoes, lemons, and more because of their refreshing and hydrating qualities. With a host of new launches such as its all-natural Juice range and a dedicated organic section selling locally-produced fruits and vegetables, NRTC Fresh continues to place the health and safety of its consumers at the forefront of its decisions.

Here are 5 key fruits and vegetables to boost hydration during the summer season. Available to purchase in individual packs, in bulk or in a pre-packed box at www.nrtcfresh.com.


Price: Starting from AED 12 per piece and AED 5.25 per pack (cubes)

With around 90% water content and loaded with electrolytes, watermelons are the go-to fruit for keeping hydrated during summer. Rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and Lycopene, this refreshing fruit helps flush out toxins and aids in cancer prevention. Customers can purchase it whole or as cubes in pre-packed boxes.


Price: Starting from AED 6.50 per piece, AED 1.50 per pack and AED 8.50 per box

A must-have summer vegetable, cucumbers are extremely good at detoxifying the body and maintaining hydration due to their 95% water content. Its revitalizing alkaline and nutrient-rich properties help regulate blood pressure, refresh the skin and lower excess heat in the stomach. Customers can purchase it whole, sliced, pre-packed, and in bulk.


Price: Starting from AED 9 per kg, AED 7 per pack and AED 22 per box

Aside from their pulpy sweetness, mangoes are packed with vitamins A, C, fibre, and pectin, making them ideal for maintaining cholesterol, aiding digestion, and cooling down the body. Customers can purchase it whole, pre-packed, and in bulk.


Price: Starting from AED 4.25 per kg, AED 4.99 per pack and AED 20 per box

Loaded with Beta-carotene, Lycopene, and vitamins A and C, Tomatoes help protect skin from Ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn. They also help lower the risk of certain types of cancer and maintaining healthy bones. Customers can purchase it whole, sliced, pre-packed, and in bulk.


Price:Starting from AED 5 per piece and AED 62 per box.

Juicy and filled with vitamin C and potassium, papayas are a summer fruit known for soothing sunburn, reducing the risk of heart disease, and lowering inflammation. Papayas also contain an enzyme called ‘papain,’ which aids digestion. Customers can purchase it whole and in bulk.

Customers can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and other pre-packed products from the comfort of their own homes by placing orders through the website http://www.nrtcfresh.com or the NRTC Fresh App available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Note to Editors

About NRTC Fresh:

Founded in December 2018, NRTC Fresh was founded to supply high-quality produce from local and international farms to UAE residents. NRTC Fresh prides itself on ensuring only the freshest products are delivered. NRTC Fresh is owned by the NRTC Group which has been in operation for over 40 years in the UAE, supplying high profile UAE clients across sectors such as retail, hospitals, airlines, HORECA as well as ruler’s palaces. Now with the launch of the e-commerce site, NRTC Fresh goods are available for consumers and individuals to enjoy. For online purchases, visit: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/ .

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nrtcfresh/

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