Expose’s Palestinian businesses and talents

Expose’s Palestinian businesses and talents

The Art Trove is a social enterprise, aimed at creating a lifestyle brand while empowering highly talented Jordanian artisans. The Founder Aya Toukan is Palestinian and based in Jordan. Her pieces are a fusion between local artisanal creativity paired with contemporary handcrafted home decor. 

Created by the Palestinian duo Rasha Abdelhadi and Dana Jaber, Tiba Jewelry features a range of gold and diamond jewelry in the shape of Arab countries’ outlined maps (Palestine, Egypt, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan). A portion of the proceeds made from Tiba Jewelry is donated to a charity that provides medical aid to children in the Arab world (currently for Palestine). Rasha and Dana also co-founded KINZZI, a marketplace that offers Palestinian designers as well as talent from across the world to showcase their products and sell worldwide.
Like any visionary organization, Cypher Urban Roastery begins with a real-life story born from a real need. It is a story of nostalgia, of searching for quality of life, and of a journey to re-produce an ancient and beautiful coffee experience in the Middle East. Operating through their roastery located in Al Quoz, Cypher is on a mission to change the way people consume coffee – sourcing the highest standard of organic coffee beans, providing exceptional service to retailers, and ensuring that people in the Middle East can enjoy some of the best coffee that the world has to offer. 
Palestinian designer Meera Toukan creates clutches that are expertly crafted out of glossy plexiglass and hand-made by skilled Jordanian artisans. She juxtaposes Middle Eastern and Western cultures to form a new design hybrid, aimed at the modern-day woman. Her last collection features the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh. 
STEM Buddies is an educational app for children in Arabic & English. The app was created by Palestinian parents and inspired by their children. It’s fun and engaging and meant to encourage and facilitate the teaching of the Arabic language to those Arabs living outside their countries in order to ensure the language is spoken with absolute pride.

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