Protiviti partners with Sword GRC ….

Protiviti partners with Sword GRC to offer award winning Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) solution in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE: May 23, 2021Protiviti Member Firm for the Middle East Region has partnered with Sword GRC, a leading provider of specialist risk, compliance and governance software and services, for a new offering of the complete suite of Sword GRC’s solutions. This includes the market leading enterprise and project risk management solution Active Risk Manager (ARM) along with the newly enhanced Compliance, Audit, Policy, Quality Manager modules, and the Operational Risk Manager (ORM) platform.

Protiviti’s technology team will work with organizations in all stages of their GRC digital transformation journey, leveraging its vast experience in developing risk and compliance tools as well as implementing many GRC software solutions, offering a unique set of choices and services to clients. The team will help identify program gaps and implement the right technology, whether organizations are looking for a new tool or want to optimize existing risk software in their IT ecosystem.

Commenting on the new alliance, Ranjan Sinha, Managing Director at Protiviti, said: “Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has gained significant importance for businesses in the Middle East emerging from the pandemic, as indicated by Protiviti’s recent survey with 44% of organizations at initial stage of adoption. In this context, our partnership is timely and enables us to offer one more proven GRC solution option to our clients across a wide range of industries. We look forward to working with Sword GRC in this space, where risk and opportunity management are critical to business performance for organizations.”

“With a shared commitment to customer success, Sword GRC is proud to cement its relationship with Protiviti,” stated Charlie Longridge, Director of Sales and Global Partnerships at Sword GRC. “The agreement will help further grow our presence in the Middle East, as well as explore new markets. Furthermore, it will support Protiviti to grow its risk advisory business, helping its clients to deploy a simple solution to address immediate and future needs.”

Since its market inception in 2001, ARM has been the first web-based risk management software solution to support a closed-loop risk management process. Today ARM combined with its Compliance, Policy, Safety and Audit modules is widely acknowledged as the one of the most configurable and flexible solution to provide a single view of risk. The ORM solution is being adopted widely by the financial and related sectors that need to address their requirements today with an agile and quick deployment strategy, both of which are efficiently facilitated by Sword GRC as seen by its wide adoption in the London market where it was first introduced.

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