The Gorgeous Flower Co turns 6! 

The Gorgeous Flower Co turns 6! 

·        The only fresh cut flower company in the ME to offer a 5-day freshness guarantee & a no quibble returns policy. 

·        Their selection also comprises dried flowers, pampas & cotton stems that are eco friendly & last for months.

 [Dubai, 8 May 2021]: [The Gorgeous Flower Co.] 

The Gorgeous Flower Co – the only fresh cut flower company in the Middle East to offer a 5-day freshness guarantee celebrates its 6th anniversary this month!

Since its launch in 2015, the Gorgeous Flower Co and their enthusiastic team of florists have been dedicated towards creating custom or pre-designed floral arrangements for special events, weddings, large events, corporate events and of course for no reason at all!

“The Gorgeous Flower Co. Dubai was born out of the frustration of not being able to buy great quality, affordable flowers in the UAE”, said Samantha Middleton, Owner at The Gorgeous Flower Co. Dubai.

“I used to have to buy flowers from our local supermarket, as they were the best at the time and from 3 bunches, I could just about make one that didn’t look like it was on its last legs.  On the occasion that I did buy a bouquet from a flower shop, they would die just one day later, and when taken back, a salesperson would begrudgingly hand over a replacement that would die the very next day too,” she added.

Over the last 6 years, The Gorgeous Flower Co. have continued to find innovative packaging solutions for their fresh seasonal flowers. Their living vases have made it easier for their customers to transport their flowers from point of purchase to their home.

As well as through their unique packaging they have also found ways for their customers to receive affordable weekly seasonal flowers with their ‘Gorgeous Flower Club’ which was launched in 2020. 

Customers can sign up to the subscription online to receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flowers straight to their villa or office. The benefit of this club is that as the flowers are pre-ordered this gives savings of up to 20% to their customers. A huge saving for flower lovers and Samantha prepares weekly IGTV videos where customers can learn how to arrange their flowers and get the best out of them! Every week they will deliver something different so customers can enjoy all new flower varieties and colors.

The Gorgeous Flower Co. also has a selection of dried flowers, such as pampas and cotton stems which have become a real trend over the last year. Their dried and preserved flowers are not only an eco-friendly option but also last months. 

“Our preserved Lavender is much softer to touch and more flexible in comparison to dried Lavender. Preserved flowers can be sensitive to heat, humidity and sunlight, however with minimal care, preserved flowers have a prolonged shelf life and can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years” added Middleton.  

To learn more about The Gorgeous Flower Co. click here  


The Gorgeous Flower Co. have 3 shops located in Dubai Studio City, Arabian Ranches 1 Community Centre & Meadows Souk. They also have an online webshop: 

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