Bring in the EID festivities straight from the heart of the house –Kitchen! This season, stay home and stay safe and continue to enjoy the pleasure of healthy cooking byupgrading your kitchen with Nikai appliances.

From innovation to envious designs, Nikai Electronics introduces the new range of kitchen utilizations that will modernize your kitchen experienceand promote healthy living for you and your entire family.

The new range of premium products provides you with more options to experiment and expertise your cooking skills, saving your kitchen time and making Ramadan and the festive season convenient for you and for your loved ones.

Grill or bake at your convenience:Nikai’s new range of ovens are perfect for anyone who frequently finds themselves short of baking and roasting space, or simply wants the convenience of a microwave with some bonus foodie features.

Nikai’s Electric Oven is a retro-styled and professionally graded kitchen appliance for a timeless cooking experience and a perfect choice to make a kitchen statement. The oven has a strong and solid stainless finish with an interior providing an upscale look and control knobs that make it easy to use. 

The product range offers 13 oven options to choose from, starting with a minimum capacity of 18L, going up to 120L. Unlike regular ovens, Nikai’s latest range comes with an adjustable temperature control (100-250 degrees) with 4-stages of heating selector. The standard features also include 4 knobs control, 4-piece light, and high efficiency heating element.

Most of the ovens are equipped with a ‘Keep Warm Function’, while select ovens come with a rotisserie and convection function.

 90% less fat, 100% taste with new AirFryer: The original Airfryer now with digital settings, for the food you love with less of the fat. The new Nikai Airfryer does the cooking for you. With Smart digital technology, it is one of the first Airfryer which allows you to adjusts time and temperature for perfectly cooked dishes. You can make hundreds of dishes in your Airfryer. Fry, bake, grill, roast and even reheat your meals.Nikai’s new range of Airfryers are perfect for anyone who frequently finds themselves short of space, or simply wants to stick to healthy eating with some bonus foodie features.  Available in different sizes to cater the needof a single person to an entire family.

A perfect cup of coffee: Enjoy your favorite coffees for your special moments with Nikai’s coffee maker.Whether you crave for an espresso, a milk based recipe or a Turkish coffee, your fully-automatic coffee machine delivers a perfect in-cup result with no hassle and in no time! Nikai Espresso &Bean-to-cup coffee maker are compact machines which offer extraordinary coffee for a perfect cuppa every morning,no matter if you are working from home or office.

Toss outdated or unwanted stuff, donate utensils and appliances you no longer use, and remove items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen and head to your nearest hypermarket to get your hands on the Nikai Kitchen appliances.

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