As part of ELIE SAAB commitment to social responsibility and to give back to his hometown Beirut, the Maison decided to launch an initiative dedicated to children through a donation to UNICEF Lebanon.

ELIE SAAB Parfums will donate a contribution out of the sales from the 10th anniversary campaign 2021 to UNICEF’s program “Integrated education and well-being for vulnerable girls in Lebanon” providing a multi- sectoral learning and well-being package to ensure vulnerable adolescent girls have access to education and other basic services.

Children in Lebanon are facing an unprecedented crisis, as UNICEF has been saying since last year. The dramatic economic situation, the COVID-19 pandemic and the tragedy of the Beirut port explosions, are triggering devastating consequences for the most vulnerable. Poverty has dramatically increased, access to education has become very challenging for too many children, access to health services is also challenging and domestic violence has increased. Every day, more families cannot afford to ensure their children are safe, healthy and heading development opportunities for their future. And every day, more children are put at risk of negative coping mechanisms, including child labour, exploitation, violence, child marriage…while the opportunities for the young people have turned hopeless. 

With a focus on high-risk, out-of-learning adolescent girls and young women (12-24 years old) in the most vulnerable areas of the country, UNICEF’s programme in Lebanon is providing access to a non-formal education programme, protection and gender-based violence-related services, skills development and employability programmes, adolescent health, including mental health, as well as social assistance. 

Global experience has demonstrated that gender disparities and unequal access to education and other basic child rights, are enhanced in such crisis context. Thus, ELIE SAAB want to support girls in Lebanon in these difficult times. 

“I admire UNICEF’s mission in supporting the most vulnerable clusters and providing a solid platform to the youth. During these difficult times and in this competitive world, we should raise resilient children to be prepared for a brighter future. By giving them the time and opportunities, they need, teaching them the right skills and empowering them, they will cultivate good qualities and secure better lives. Sometimes, a rough childhood can mold children into leaders with big inspirational life lessons.” – Elie Saab

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