Rich hydration for normal to dehydrated and mature skin

Formulated for skin in need of generoushydration, Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream deliversabundantbenefits in the form of vitamins, high-qualitybotanicals, skin-soothingBoswellicacids and anti-oxidants.

Rich in Vitamin C (vital for skin’s optimum health and appearance) and Vitamin E (extolled for its anti-oxidantproperties), the sumptuouslytexturedcreamisreadilyabsorbed, deliveringnourishing matte hydration. In addition, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Frankincensesoften and soothe the skin.

For best results, massage a generouseven layer intocleansed and toned skin in the morning and evening. Twice-weekly, blendwithtwo drops of Damascan Rose Facial HydratingTreatment for boosted, vitamin-richnourishment.

Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream ispackaged in a 60 mLamber glass jar. It isavailablefrom signature stores, counters in selecteddepartment stores globally, and at Aesop Online.

60 mL

‘To me, everyhour of the day and night is an unspeakablyperfect miracle.’ Walt Whitman


A concentratednourishingtreatment for extremely dry or distressed skin

Aesop’sDamascan Rose Facial Treatmentis excellent for skin in need of intense, soothinghydration. Ten self-preservingprecious plant extracts in thisconcentratedbotanicaloildeliverpotent doses of Vitamins E and A to nourish, relieve and deeply hydrate parched skin.

Rose Petal and NeroliBlossom have been chosen for theirhydratingproperties and ability to replenishskin; Violet Leaf has been included to soften, hydrate and purify.

Massage three to five drops intocleansed and toned skin. Alternatively, blendwithyourpreferredAesophydratingcream, serum or gel to intensifyhydration.

Aesoprecommendsusing in concert withParsleySeed Facial CleansingOil and ParsleySeed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner to balance skin and prepareit for hydration.

Damascan Rose Facial Treatmentispackaged in a 25 mLamber glass bottlewith pipette dispenser. It isavailablefromAesop signature stores, counters in selecteddepartment stores globally, and at Aesop Online.

25 mL ‘I perhapsowehavingbecome a painter to flowers.’ Claude Monet

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