Dr. Antoni Calmon Treatments

Dr. Antoni Calmon Treatments

Having graduated from the most prestigious Parisian medical school, Dr Antoni Calmon worked with the famous Dr Dray, the pioneer of aesthetic medicine. Patients from across the world attend Doctor Calmon’s clinics in Paris and London to benefit from his outstanding medical knowledge of cosmetic dermatology and his unprecedented skin and body rejuvenation techniques.

Dr. Calmon ranks among the most advanced aesthetic doctors of his generation with his non-invasive protocols specifically targeted towards men and women’s modern-day lifestyles which minimise downtime and have an immediate impact. Dr Calmon’s Signature Treatments include; Instant Face Lift, The Red Carpet Glowand French-Nose Lift.

Instant Face Lift

Through the use of Instant Face Lift, Dr. Calmon restores elasticity to facial features to address facial signs of tiredness and sagging features without altering their proportions. This signature treatment is based on a personalised approach designing and applying anindividually customised combination of tailor-made techniques for each individual patient.

Patients receive an injection of a hyaluronic acid based secret formula to outline facial features, like elegantmakeup contouring,applied to the jaw, cheeks, and under eyes. In combination with a calcium-based solution that naturally improves collagen production and restores skinelasticity, a noticeable lift effect can be seen after 3 weeks. This canalso be combined with a few strategically placed soft sugar threads to perfectly position facial tissue.

With cheekbones highlighted, jawlines sharpened and redefined, eyebrows lifted, and eye contours smoothed and restored, youroverall appearance is both rested and fresh.The natural look achieved by this treatment combination are maintained by limiting volume to avoid aesthetic issues that often occur with other techniques.

For more demanding patients, Doctor Calmon’s clinic has introduced a new leading-edge technology: the Morpheus8, a device that uses the latest deep fractional radiofrequency technology totarget deeper layers of the skin to ensure that your face’s complexion is redefined and visibly firmer.

Red Carpet Glow

Certain occasions such as weddings, galas, or even a simple dinner party call for urgent beauty treatments. Doctor Calmon’s Red Carpet treatment provides what make-up artists could only dream of achieving, a brush of blush from the inside out for smoother, more vibrant skin. His method involves a trio of skin-boosting techniques: radiofrequency, light peeling, and mesolifting. Radiofrequency works by slowly deeply warming the dermis and hypodermics which plumps the skin and buildscollagen. Light peeling tightens pores, evens out complexion, with the final stage mesolifting deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin to give a healthy glow almost instantaneously. After that, you’ll be feeling more than ready for the big day!

French NoseLift

To redefine the nose line without distorting a patient’s natural beauty, Dr. Calmon performs the French-Nose Lift by using specific hyaluronic acid injections and tensor threads.The special hyaluronic acid injected is particularly adherent to maintain a sharp look over time. The injection technique used is preciselytargeted to keep this vascular area safe.

Through the use of this technique, a sagging nose can be completely straightened and lifted, a bump can be smoothed out, and your nose bridge can also be elegantly redesigned. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, results are instant and immediately noticeable without any bruising or swelling and are perfect for anyone looking to pop out of the office and book a French-Nose Lift during their lunch break!

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