Contemporary Turkish Flavours Await This Ramadan at Huqqa

Contemporary Turkish Flavours Await This Ramadan at Huqqa

Huqqa and The Market Dubai welcomes Ramadan 2021 with an array of contemporary Iftar  offerings throughout the holy month. With a nod to its Ottoman heritage, Huqqa Executive  Chef Ercan Turan, has devised an iftar set menu like no other.

From sunset, guests may enjoy a myriad of Middle Eastern and Turkish‐inspired specialties,  such as Mixed Mezze Platter of Sarma, Sogurme, Aci Ezme, Haydari, Mutabbel, paired with freshly baked bread, olives, buffalo cream and hummus. Followed by a host of appetizers  such as homemade soup of the week, Coban Salad, Dynamite Fries, Watermelon Salad, and  Su Börek. Fresh from the wood-­‐fired oven comes the signature, warming Cheese Pide, with  its light crispy base and soft doughy centre, topped with flavourful, Turkish white cheese.

Followed by your choice of Grilled sea bream, Chicken Tavuk Shish Kebab, Chargrilled Marinated Chicken Thigh, Wagyu Adana Kebab or Keşkek – a barley risotto with pulled lamb and spices.

End the evening on a sweet note, with a selection of Anatolian desserts, paired with tea,  coffee and Ramadan quenchers for a refreshing end to a sumptuous and stylish Iftar.

Share the ceremonial breaking of the fast with loved ones in the relaxed setting of Huqqa and  The Market Dubai this Ramadan.

Set Menu Iftar is AED 189 net per person.

Huqqa Dubai Mall

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