100 Days of Yoga Sessions with Heartfulness Foundation

100 Days of Yoga Sessions with Heartfulness Foundation To Encourage Better Living Amidst Uncertain Times

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 6th April 2021 – As part of their mission to spread heartfulness and the benefits of yoga and breathwork, Heartfulness Foundationhave commenced a Yoga for Unity and Well-being Program that is free for all. This program entails 100 days of yoga leading up to the International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2021, wherein participants can avail the benefits of yoga and meditation through the daily sessions designed to address the intricate internal issues of modern lifestyles. To encourage healthy living practices in people, Heartfulness Foundation has developed this comprehensive yoga program in collaboration with AYUSH, SVYASA, Patanjali, and AUI (Associations of Indian Universities). The United Nations supports and promotes this program that started on 14th March and will go on till 21st June 2021.

A healthy mind and a healthy body go together, and it is vital to maintain this balance, especially during these uncertain times when everyone’s routines have been scattered. Yoga makes effective use of breathwork, meditation, discipline and focus to help people feel better, simplify their thoughts, improve their sleep cycles, exercise their muscles and mind to help them lead better lives overall.”, said Kamlesh D Patel, a renowned spiritual leader and the president of Heartfulness Foundation who is lovingly referred to as Daaji by his followers.

A lot of restlessness, laziness, frustration, negativity, boredom and unhealthy habits have crept into people lives during this pandemic period where they’ve been stuck at home due to the lockdowns and social distancing practices. 100 Days of Yoga aims to cultivate the habits of yoga practices in people through its daily sessions that are held live and see different experts from the world of spiritual healing, Ayurveda, yoga, and more to help enlighten them and uncomplicate their bodies and minds.

As Heartfulness Foundation is a registered organization in Dubai, many interested participants from the Middle East, especially the UAE have already registered for this workshop and are reaping the numerous health benefits of it.

Registrations for the workshop are open till 10th April 2021 and can be done on yoga4unity@heartfulness.org

Users can also find the entire set of sessions held during this workshop on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYTPMRKuwJ0eQ_8MPYhkv5w

For more information on daily yoga and zoom links, please contact uae@heartfulness.org.

Visit –https://heartfulness.org/yoga4unity/

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