Kcal partners with TV’s Chef Hala to cook-up Levantine-inspired healthy-eating menu for Ramadan

Kcal partners with TV’s Chef Hala to cook-up Levantine-inspired healthy-eating menu for Ramadan

DUBAI – April 4th:Healthy-eating Dubai restaurant chain Kcal has partnered with TV favourite Chef Hala Ayash to cook-up a Levantine-inspired Ramadan menu aimed at serving up a daily Suhoor and Iftar offering that is both delicious and healthy this holy month.

Packed with taste-tingling Middle Eastern flavours, Kcal in collaboration with Chef Hala, have created limited edition menusfor Kcal restaurants as well as a full 30-day Ramadan meal plan.Leaning on Chef Hala’sculinary mastery, Kcal will be bringinga healthy, nourishing twist to a host of much-loved Arabic dishes.

Those include freshly prepared mains such as Chicken Mulukhiyah, Beef Ouzi and VegetableCouscous, and in-restaurant Ramadan meal deals that come complete with a soup, main, side and dessert for just 69AED.

In line with Kcal’s goal of making it easier than ever to enjoy a nourishing, calorie-reduced, delicious diet, Chef Hala alongside Kcal’s team of expert chefs and nutritionists, have created a unique Ramadan meal plan delivered directly to your door every day of the month, where it will come complete with three full meals and two snacks each day.

Chef Hala says: “The holy month of Ramadan is the most cherished time in the Muslim calendar and is a period of reflection, peace, harmony and spirituality. Throughout the month,Iftar and Suhoorplay such a vital part – and that importance lay at the very heart of this project.

“We wanted to create flavours that stayed true to the region and Arabic cuisine, especially that of the Iftar, while at all times aligning with Kcal’s ambitions to provide the best quality, healthiest dining experience possible, and I feel we achieved that.”

Chef Hala is, MBC’s Top Chef Arabia, first runner up and currently the Presenter of MBC’s morning show Sabah Al KheirYa Arab,where she continues to invigorate audiences with her take on fresh, vibrant, tasty meals.

She added: “Partnering with Kcal’s inspiring team of chefs and nutritionists to bring this traditional yet healthy and balanced Ramadan menu to life has been a fantastic – let alone, delicious! – experience. I can’t wait to hear what people think!”

The limited-time menu will be available in Kcal restaurants and for home delivery from the 8th April and the dedicated Ramadan meal plan, available from the first day of the holy month until the end of Eid.

Every order made online at kcallife.com/menu will come with a free immune boosting SUPER SHOT, packed with a mighty blend of fresh orange, lemon, ginger, turmeric, pepper and cayenne which is guaranteed to power-up the immune system.

To find out more, visit www.kcallife.com


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