Dubai Chamber Highlights its Role as a Key Facilitator of Imports and Exports

Dubai Chamber Highlights its Role as a Key Facilitator of Imports and Exports

Latest ‘Ask the Expert’ video discusses how chamber promotes trade through its advanced e-service documentation 

Dubai, UAE:Therole of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Dubai Chamber) in expediting the flow of goods into and out of the UAE was highlighted in the latest Ask the Expert’ video, with the presentation the latest offering fromDubai Chamber’s ‘Business Connect’ – an initiativeestablished to inform the business community about key aspects of doing business in Dubai.

Featuring Atiq Juma Faraj Nasib, Senior Vice President for Commercial Services at Dubai Chamber, the presentation discussed how the chamber is instrumental in helping the free-flow of products between Dubai and destinations around the world, with its move towards electronic services playing an important role in speeding up the necessary processes.

“Dubai Chamber has to be quick to ensure trade facilitation is on time so that goods can be moved and transactions conducted. Dubai Chamber has already taken a lot of measures in this regard – all our transactions are automated in accordance with Dubai’s vision for smart government and the smooth flow of electronic transactions. Customers don’t need to come to the chamber anymore – they can simply log on to our website, enter the details needed for the documentation they require, pay for it, and then collect it,” said Nasib.

Nasibexplained said that the transition to e-services had helped customers involved in importing and exporting goods as it had reduced the time and expense involved in receiving a certificate of origin, with 98 percent of all documents issued by the chamber available online.

“Last year, our members exported goods worth AED 185 billion from Dubai, with our membership increasing by 16,000 new members to reach 261,000 in 2020. We will continue to serve all our customers the best way we can and beyond,” he continued.

Nasib highlighted that Dubai Chamber recognises the importance of adopting the ATA carnet system, with the initials standing for ‘admission and temporary admission’ of goods. He said that the system allows goods to come into the country on a temporary basis, negating the need to pay customs duties or value added tax. He said the system had been instrumental in helping professionals bring in business samples and goods required for specific temporary events, such as exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

“Dubai Chamber is proud to be in the chain of the ATA carnet and we hope that many other people will consider using the system, as it entitles importers to bring in their goods and take them out of the country smoothly. Dubai is a major hub for events and exhibitions and the use of this carnet has facilitated the importation of items that are being exhibited or used in events held in Dubai,’ said Nasib.

“This service can now be applied for online and we are proud to be one of the few chambers that uses an online service for this type of document. We are very grateful for those who are using the service and look forward to others joining it. This service is available for all members of the UAE business community,even if they are in another emirate. All they need to do is contact their local chamber of commerce in their emirate. They will then contact Dubai Chamber and we’ll be very happy to issue the documents for them,” he added.

The ‘Ask the Expert’ seriesutilises Dubai Chamber’s social media channels to create a platform to deliver important business information, as well as acts asa forum for members of the business community to pose their questions to industry experts. The series has been designed to engage with the private sector and respond to its members’ changing needs.


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