The First Gold Shopping Application in the World.

Shopping Gold with Convenience!

The First Gold Shopping Application in the World.

30th March, 2021 – Dubai: Even before the COVID-19 pandemic was on anyone’s radar, most businesses recognized the importance of digital transformation in order to enhance their ability to survive and grow in our increasingly digital society. Fast International Business Services LLC has launched Gold7Stars website and mobile application to be the first gold shopping application in the world. Gold7Stars, is the first Website and Mobile App in the world specialized for buying/selling gold & jewelry, it is a comprehensive B2B and B 2C market place as an online gold shopping platform. The digital trading platform is intelligently designed and developed as a safe, fast, reliable and authentic medium of trading. Gold7stars

is integrated with all new advance features and functionalities that have never been offered by any other business Platform.

The Managing Director of the application Eng. Rabie Zebidi says ‘’our goal is to be an ultimate ecommerce partner with safe and innovative online shopping solutions. With our well-define structure and effective strategy, Gold7stars gives an opportunity to all business partners as wholesalers, retailers, buyers, sellers, middlemen to do online safe ecommerce dealings with each other without any limitation to time or place.” He added, “the organization is focused on overcoming all B2B marketplace along with B2C business challenges and loopholes relentlessly, introducing trading transparency and utmost quality. In harmony with our core values and stakeholders, our goal is to be the largest and finest marketplace as well as reliable business platform with bunch of incredible features, unsurpassed services and everlasting support. Acquiring effective digital expertise to help connect traders in developing unique brand persona. Delivering unparalleled satisfaction and profitability with guaranteed productivity is what we seek.” Gold7Stars vision is to provide a homely, comfortable, socialized and enjoyable platform where the valued registers and customers can feel that they are part of this socialized gold community by getting their gold with convenience at home.

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