Dubai’s disruptive dessert maestros The Brooklyn Creamery is first in the Middle East to launch chocolate covered vegan ice cream bars

[Dubai, March 30th, 2021] The Brooklyn Creamery is breaking new ground in the region once again, with another dessert innovation – chocolate covered plant-based ice cream bars.

Responding to the lack of availability of imported vegan chocolate-covered ice cream bars, The Brooklyn Creamery’s new bars add to its growing roster of exciting flavours, mood-boosting ice cream and guilt-free low fat, low calorie range. 

The New York-inspired ice cream range is lovingly coated with rich, vegan dark Belgian chocolate, widely considered one of the world’s best chocolates.

The coconut milk-based ice cream filling is not only dairy free, but ismade without artificial colours, and suitable for those who have certain allergies and intolerances.

Vikram Seth, CEO of The Brooklyn Creamery Middle East, says: “This is the latest milestone in our mission to bring exciting snack treats and dessert alternatives to UAE consumers. As the first vegan chocolate-coated bar manufactured in the UAE, we are excited to see consumer reaction – and we know these will fly off the shelves.”

The bars are available in two tasty all-natural flavours – salted peanut butter and chocolate and coconut flavour.

A box of four 55ml bars – two of each flavour – is on sale now for just AED25, a price point that means these super satisfying bars will appeal to everyone.

The creamy, tasty ice creams, created using premium ingredients and plant-based are the perfect treat for anyone who is being more health consciousor aiming to eat cruelty-free.

The Brooklyn Creamery blends ice cream mastery and a rich array of world-class flavours with the need for an anytime, guilt-free snack.

So grab a bar and dig in, anytime of day! It’s time to rediscover your love of ice cream thanks to The Brooklyn Creamery.You can grab a four pack today via the Deliveroo food delivery app or from The Brooklyn Creamery’s webstore, here.

Brooklyn Creamery Co is TM registered in the US and made under licence.


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