Serta partners with HeiQ to unveil ground-breaking anti-viral mattress

Serta partners with HeiQ to unveil ground-breaking anti-viral mattress

European Medical Device Directive approved ViroBlock technology to be used in mattress production

Dubai, UAE (March 24, 2021): Serta, maker of the world’s best mattresses has announced a partnership with Switzerland-based HeiQ, a textile technology company, to launch the first Antiviral & Antibacterial Mattress for the Middle Eastern Market. The pandemic has impacted each and everyone’s life in unexpected ways, with sleep quality being the most affected one. Since mattresses play a key role in providing the right amount of comfort and safe sleep, Serta announced this partnership to offer not only comfort but an antiviral mattress, that ensures a healthy sleep.

In Serta’s continued efforts to provide their customers with the best sleep, Serta’s partnership with HeiQ aims to give their patrons peace of mind to ensure that they recover and wake up rejuvenated after a safe and sound sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to one’s health and it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, the current environment is interfering with our sleep patterns and people are now sleeping less than they did in the past resulting in the lack of quality sleep.

What sets Serta apart from the pack is the excruciating detail they place on their mattress building. And with the latest partnership with HeiQ, Serta is crafting a mattress that keeps one safe throughout sleep. This partnership for creating a safe mattress is just the thing needed in this current environment. This ViroBlock technology is approved by the European Medical Device Directive for antiviral use in medical personal protective equipment such as N95 equivalent masks, a ‘much needed’ technology during the current global situation.

Adding to the benefits is the `Mega Foam Technology, an advanced German technology that is used to manufacture foam and complying with environment-friendly manufacturing methods to keep in line with international environment-friendliness standards. Mega Foam technology, also known as Green Foam helps in providing seamless air circulation and perfect moisture management to avoid heat build-up on the mattress surface thus, providing a pleasant sleep.

Upon partnership with HeiQ, the Managing Director of Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co., LLC. Mr. Sundar Rajan said, “Serta  by partnering with HeiQ is creating the Middle East’s first antiviral mattress and ensuring that Serta is fully committed to its customers’ health and safety precautions. Our customers can experience Serta mattresses in our showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other showrooms in the GCC market and find the right comfort & support.  Our mattresses are made to order as per our specifications and customized as per individual’s size requirnment.”

In addition to mattresses and adjustable bases, Serta also manufactures sleepaccessories such as pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, linen bedding collection, bed frames, headboards, and duvets.


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