Experience the fascinating history of the UAE’s maritime traditions at Sharjah Heritage Days

Experience the fascinating history of the UAE’s maritime traditions at Sharjah Heritage Days

The festival’s detailed recreation of the UAE’s ‘CoastalEnvironment’ highlights the central role it played in shaping the nation’s society and culture, long before the discovery of oil

Sharjah, March 23, 2021

The 18thedition of Sharjah Heritage Days (SHD), currently underway at the Heart of Sharjah until April 10, pays tribute to the seafaring traditions of the UAE with a dedicated section that introduces visitors and guests to the ingenious ways the Emirati peopleonce utilised the riches of the sea.

The ‘CoastalEnvironment’ is one of the four major landscapes of the UAE represented at SHD– theothers being Bedouin, Agricultural and Mountainous.The smell of salt and the sea pervades the air as you step into the area, where several fishing, trading and pearling boats, and the presence of fishermen mending nets or salting fish attest to the crucial role of the sea in providing sustenance, before the discovery of oil.

Pearling, once the main source of wealth of the region, brought economic prosperity and enabled trade to flourish as Arabian pearls were sought after in Europe and across Asia. Models of pearling boats, large oyster shells, and the paraphernalia associated with pearl diving will offer festival visitors live insights into the UAE’s legendary 7,000-year-old pearling industry.

Do not miss the wooden pearl chest containing essential tools of a pearl trader. Emirati boatsvarying in size, capacity and purposehighlight the UAE’s sailing legacy stretching back centuries and its thriving shipbuilding industry.

Emiratis were also expert fishermen, and the fishing gear fashioned using locally available materials bear signs of the expanse of their skills and creativity. On display are several examples of the Gargoor– a semi-round fishing trap made of palm leaves. The role of the sea as a source of nourishment is also highlighted by a group of women, offering live demonstrations of the technique of salting fish.


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