Chef Enrico Bartolini Gala Dinner I March 27 I Roberto’s DIFC

Chef Enrico Bartolini Gala Dinner I March 27 I Roberto’s DIFC

A Night of Haute Cuisine, exclusively at Roberto’s

On March 27, 2021, renowned Chef Enrico Bartolini of Michelin three-starred MUDEC Restaurant in Milan, Italy, returns to the secluded Cortina Terrace at Roberto’s DIFC for an exceptional and exclusive Gala dinner.  With a grand total of 9 Michelin stars, Chef Bartolini will host 24 diners to an intimate, fine-dining journey featuring his unique selection of Italian culinary creations. 

For one night only, diners at Roberto’s DIFC will enter a world of truly timeless haute cuisine with Chef Bartolini flawlessly executing contemporary classic cooking that has made him one of the most talented young chefs in the world. Hailed as the Italian Starred Chef, Chef Enrico Bartolini proves why he holds the title of ‘King of Italy Michelin Guide’, carrying 9 Michelin stars to his name, three of which within MUDEC, the Museum of Culture in Milan.

Born and raised in Tuscany, Chef Enrico Bartolini received his first Michelin star at just 29 years old, followed by his second at age 33. Chef Bartolini honed his culinary craft in Europe, under the tutelage of world-class masters like Paolo Pertini and Mark Page. Always enterprising, ingenious and imaginative, Chef Bartolini enjoys collaborating across a variety of bespoke culinary projects, partnering with such luxury brands like Hermes in creating dishes for the launch of their collection in Milan as well as developing a menu for Emirates Airlines’ first-class travellers.

Chef Bartolini’s contemporary classic cuisine continue to make a huge impact on the international food scene, being described as innovating, inspiring, balanced yet daring. He perfectly merges the values of the past with the progressions of modern-day cooking, giving life to emerging and original flavour profiles.

Diners at Roberto’s will experience Chef Bartolini’s culinary creations and aesthetics through exceptional dishes like Spaghetto, Limone e Caviale (spaghetti, lemon & caviar), Carciofo All’Olio di Brace e Tartufo Nero (artichoke with embers oil & black truffle) and Bue Alla Royale e Zafferano (ox royale & saffron).

Starting at 8 PM, Chef Bartolini will present a specially designed 6-course menu priced at AED 2,500 per person with wine pairing.

Reservations: +971 4 386 0066;

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