Mama Rita’s Next Stop: Abu Dhabi

Mama Rita’s Next Stop: Abu Dhabi

Orders & delivery available starting March 10

Abu Dhabi, the news you’ve been waiting for is finally here. We’re always creating, exploringand feeling inspired by our surroundings – and so, when Mama Rita fans in Abu Dhabi asked, we delivered. Starting on March 10, Mama Rita will be delivering to Abu Dhabi all of her on demand, home-style meals, available on

Residents of Abu Dhabican now order, enjoy and share Mama Rita’s star menu items, featuring such hearty, feel-good meals like the beetroot hummus, the vegetarian lasagne, spinach and beetroot fatayer, beef stroganoff, fresh fruit paradise and Rita’s very own marinated overnight shawarma platter. For those missing homey, traditional meals, Middle Eastern household dishes like the original Mloukhiyeh (a stew made of leafy vegetables, served with rice), stuffed vine leaves with minced meat and rice and finally, the oriental rice with lamb,will fill in the perfect moment of nostalgic comfort. 

Mama Rita believes in the emotional power of food and the contentment it brings. By expanding the availability across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mama Rita speaks to like-minded food lovers craving a reconnection with cherished memories.

Have your pick of your favourite, homey comfort food by ordering via– available daily from 11 AM to 10 PM.

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