THE WOMEN’S SHOW ONLINE EVENT by Nutreema Advertising


28 February 2021:  Nutreema Advertising once again had a very successful online event “The Women’s Show” which aired via live stream on several facebook pages, thousands of viewers interacted during the live show. Once again, Nutreema has continued in achieving its advocacy in spreading health awareness via online and virtual approach.

The event was under the patronage and was initiated by  H. H. Sheikha Shamma Al Nahyan.  She gave a few words of endearing encouragement to the audience to

Love one another, to make every day an opportunity to show care with family and friends especially in this trying times of the pandemic.

Ms. Rima Sayegh, Founder of the Women’s Show in her message “hopefully this year will be filled with better chances and we’ve tried to exercise to strengthen our immunity –  2020 had not been like we expected but we’ve found new ways to stay connected. Hug your kids, enjoy the outdoors, worry less about the very small chores. Things will get better as they usually do, enjoy what you love and learn something new.  Please enjoy the show tonight which is dedicated to all of you” she added.


The program commenced with a wonderful instrumental music played by Ms. Nesma Abdelaziz. She started her love for music at the age of 12 and has obtained a higher degree in the institute of music.

Some informative and relevant health talks followed:

Dr. Ziad Bashshur is an Ophthalmologist specializing in Medical and Surgical Retina. He discussed about the implications of diabetes and the eye, its prevention and treatment.

Pediatrician and neonatologist specialist Dr. Said El Deib explained on the comparison of kids formula VS full cream cow’s milk.  He also discussed about the role of AA & DHA in the child’s brain development.

Dr. Razan Zahrawi a dermatologist/specialist tackled some facts about eczema.  She emphasized its causes, type, symptoms and how to deal with it.

Mr. James Michael Lafferty the CEO of Fine Hygienic Holdings discussed the topic “clearing up the mask confusion” and what’s the best type of mask to make or wear and talked about proper placement and removal of a mask to provide optimal protection.


To wrap up the event, exciting raffle prizes were given away to live audiences and a lovely presentation from Ms. Majida Nasreddin showcasing her own collection of painted bags and masks. Nowadays, most of the people are engaged in such art and crafts as a hobby as well for business start -up.

It was yet another successful online event, thanks to all the sponsors and partners who took part: Fine Hygienic Holdings, Abbott Laboratories, Ducray.

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