The Nine Great British Pies; A Taste of Home

The Nine Great British Pies; A Taste of Home

Craving a heartwarming, mouthwatering quintessentially British meal? Then a delicious, home-made pie is just the dish for you. Let’s be frank, it’s always a good time for pie.

At British neighborhood gastropub, The Nine, guests are invited to watch their favorite sporting matches whilst enjoying British culinary favorites. Serving up celebrated dishes such as Fish & Chips and Saturday Roast, now, Chef Michael O’Shea has curated a menu celebrating one of the nation’s national treasures; the Great British Pie Menu.

From Steak & Kidney in suet pastry to a Shepard’s Pie, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Great British Pie Menu. Is your stomach grumbling yet?

The Great British Pie Menu

Knives and forks at the ready? This is homemade comfort food at its finest with classics such as our Shepard’s Pie, cooked with slow braised pulled lamb shoulder and a layer of buttery mash on top, as well as Steak & Ale Pie complete with homemade flaky pastry. Those with a preference for poultry can feast on the Chicken & Tarragon Pie, baked with light, crumbly short crust pastry along with tasty baby leeks and mash on the side.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always choose from traditional meaty pies like Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding served with a rich beef sauce and caramelized onions, or try a veggie option such as the Potato & Blue Cheese Pie, using an incredible great British cheese ‘Northern Blue’ in a buttery short crust pastry served with broccoli puree.

Now, what’s better than pie for dinner? Pie for dessert! Top off the meal with some scrumptious, not-so-humble Apple & Cider Pie for two, just like nan used to make, and served with a dollop of cheeky vanilla ice cream.

The Nine Pie Menu is available from March 1st until 31st March, from 7 PM onwards.

For reservations call 04 281 4111, or email, or visit

About The Nine Gastropub: A British neighborhood gastropub with an ancient Egyptian influence, The Nine Gastropub is vibrant and eclectic both in atmosphere and design; offering delicious à la carte menu along with weekly offers. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind after work, indulge on the weekend or watch your favorite and most anticipated sports games unfold, look no further than The Nine Gastropub. 


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