Villa Hotels & Resorts appoints Think Strawberries as Representative in GCC Region

Villa Hotels & Resorts appoints Think Strawberries as Representative in GCC Region

Known for its signature picturesque locations, welcoming atmosphere, unparalleled levels of service and spectacular beauty, Villa Hotels & Resorts offers holiday choices for every mood. Ranging from the family-friendly ‘Fun Island Resort & Spa’ to the romantic five-star ‘Paradise Island Resort & Spa’, whatever your perfect holiday looks like, Villa Hotels & Resorts will help you find it.

Sun Island Resort & Spa

Royal Island Resort & Spa

Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Fun Island Resort & Spa

Think Strawberries will play the role of a strategic partner for developing business for Villa Hotels & Resorts by implementing Trade Sales & Marketing in the GCC Region.

About Villa Hotels & Resorts:

‘Villa Hotels & Resorts’ is the premier choice for resort accommodation in the Maldives. Their mission is to make the Maldives an unsurpassed holiday haven for lovers of nature, adventure, family time, and romance. With more Maldives hotel rooms than any other company, their resorts range from the four-star, family-friendly Holiday Island Resort & Spa to the romantic five-star Paradise Island Resort & Spa. Embrace the unique spirit of their gorgeous island properties and enhance your holiday with the fabulous restaurants, unlimited water sports, and personalized attention of Villa Hotels.

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