MENAP-SMI sets out bold agenda for 2021, as need for self-care becomes critical

MENAP-SMI sets out bold agenda for 2021, as need for self-care becomes critical
• Regional non-profit continues campaign to demonstrate benefits of home remedies and self-administered medical treatments amid renewed need for alternative approaches to alleviate strain on resources.
• MENAP-SMI adds three new board members from Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer.

14 February 2021; Dubai, United Arab Emirates – MENAP-SMI (Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan Self Medication Industry), a non-profit organization representing regional manufacturers of consumer medicines, food supplements and home-use medical devices, today reiterated its ongoing call for enhanced healthcare through responsible self-care, as it released its 2021 action agenda.

MENAP-SMI’s standing mission is to promote better health and wellness throughout the region, by educating the industry and the public on the advantages of diligent self-medication and homebased healthcare. In 2021, the non-profit’s Regional Regulatory working group will concentrate on the enhancement of pricing mechanisms for over-the-counter products and the simplification of their registration. It will also work with industry partners to improve E-commerce and digital health regulations in the region.

The organization’s External and Public Affairs working group will continue to promote the value of self-care as the benefits relate to patients and the resources of healthcare systems to build better awareness. While the regional Legal and Compliance working group will work areas such as data privacy, discounting regulations, as well as anti-competition laws.

MENAP-SMI also welcomed three more board members. Procter & Gamble’s Commercial Director, Johann Kotze; Johnson & Johnson’s Area VP for Africa, Middle East and Turkey, Makis Kosmatos; and Bayer’s Regulatory Affairs Manager for Gulf and Levant, Mejad Shiyab, all took their seats as the new year’s agenda got underway.

“MENAP-SMI was formed to demonstrate the very real value found in self-care,” said Ashraf Allam, VP for Middle East, Africa, and Turkey at Mundipharma, and Chairman of MENAP-SMI. “If approached responsibly, self-care can deliver significant alleviation to the strain on resources we have seen in recent years throughout the MENAP healthcare industry, heightened by the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we hope to do our part to deliver proof of concept to communities everywhere on how they can take charge of their health and wellness ,and enhance their lives in meaningful and lasting ways.”
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MENAP-SMI (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan Self Medication Industry) is a not-for-profit organization which represents manufacturers of non-prescription medicines, food supplements and self-care medical devices (all also designated as Consumer Health Products), based in the MENAP region. MENAP-SMI is dedicated to promoting better health by the use of consumer health care products where self-care increasingly contributes to better health and more sustainable healthcare systems.

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