Enova contributes to the region’s first of its kind “Hemam café” owned and operated by people of determination

Enova contributes to the region’s first of its kind “Hemam café” owned and operated by people of determination

Brands for Social Good supports the national policy for entrepreneurship for the empowerment of people of determination

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 8 February 2021 — Enova, the Middle East’s leading energy and facilities management specialist, has contributed to the funding of the first of its kind café, that will be operated and owned by the people of determination in Dubai.

The Hemam café model, by Brands for Social Good enterprise, does not only employ the functional capacity of the determined but they also own shares in the trade license of the branch they operate ensuring economic empowerment and shifting them from the government support to productivity and independence.

Wael M. Barghouti, Co-founder and CEO of Brands for Social Good emphasized the important role that social enterprises can play in achieving social inclusion, economic empowerment and eradicating social and environmental issues, highlighting that the UAE can lead initiatives to twin Arab communities and scale applications of similar nature, leverage research and inter-Arab investments to develop sustainable solutions.

Renaud Capris, CEO of Enova, added: “Our contribution in funding the café is to support the entrepreneurship for people of determination, to develop their entrepreneurship skills and ensure economic empowerment. Following Enova’s values, we endorse such models that look at the functional and productive capacities and strengthen a diverse workforce. This helps in building tolerant and happy communities putting them at the heart of sustainable development.” He further highlighted the importance of supporting entrepreneurship and people of determination to achieve strategic goals of inclusiveness and empowerment.

This first branch – to be launched with Enova’s contribution – will be operated by four UAE-based people of determination: Mana’, Alaa’, Alia’a, and Mubarak. Each will also receive 20% in the trade license of the first café. Plans are underway to open the first branch and other branches for the people of determination across the UAE.

“We thank Enova for their contribution in funding the café. This confirms the importance of companies and institutions from all sectors contributing to this business model as a sustainable solution for the social inclusion of the determined and promoting their independence and productivity,” said Kahlfan Al-Mazroui, Chairman of Dar Al-Ber Society.

Hemam café model: The café will be serving takeaway specialty coffee and specialty tea. Both specialties have been produced through local affiliation with companies who follow fair trade processes. The café will also be selling merchandising that will be motivational and inspirational.

Dar Al-Ber Society and Brands for Social Good had previously inked an agreement for cooperation to fund the capital required for hemam café as per the country’s regulations. Brands for Social Good is a social enterprise established in Dubai and specialized in studying the characteristics of the vulnerable groups, develop entrepreneurship models and engaging marketing solutions that enable businesses contribute to funding the commercial models while reaching their target audiences with a purpose.

Inclusiveness and Economic Empowerment: “As a charity, we must look at economic dynamics, community behaviors and the socioeconomic challenges following covid-19 pandemic to develop sustainable programs and partnerships that play a key role in empowering the vulnerable”, said Kahlfan Al-Mazroui, Chairman of Dar Al-Ber Society.

Funding: Taste the Brand© is a trademark created and owned by Brands for Social Good to fund social inclusion and economic empowerment projects in compliance with the regulations in the country. Dar Al-Ber Society receives all funding from participating brands while the People of Determination Department at the Ministry of Community development coordinates the efforts to recruit the determined ones.


About Brands for Social Good

Brands for Social Good is a social enterprise that studies the characteristics of the vulnerable, the marginalized and the most in need in target communities to develop micro and small entrepreneurship models that ensures social inclusion and economic empowerment; moving them from dependency on government support to independence and productivity.

The enterprise also studies the behaviours of the X, Y and Z generations to innovate marketing solutions that enable business communities reach these purchase powers by participating in eradicating social and environmental issues in their localities; gaining their loyalty to their products and services.

Please contact:

Wael M. Barghouti; Co-founder & CEO at Brands for Social Good; wael@brandsforsocialgood.com; +971 52 861 0509

For information about Dar Al-Ber Society, please contact:

Areej Mohamed; Marketing Manager at Dar Al-Ber, areej.mohamed@daralber.ae

About Enova

Enova is the regional leader in integrated energy and multi-technical services, delivering comprehensive services to its clients. It provides performance-based Energy & Facilities Management solutions that help customers achieve their financial, operational, and environmental targets. With over 3,000 highly trained and multi-skilled employees, Enova serves a wide portfolio of clients in the public, residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors across the region.

Enova was created in 2002 as a joint venture between Majid Al Futtaim and Veolia. Majid Al Futtaim is the leading shopping malls, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Veolia is a global leader in optimized resource management, designing and providing water, waste, and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.


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