Delina La Rosée, a glamorous sensation -A flacon of delight

Delina La Rosée, a glamorous sensation -A flacon of delight

Dubai UAE –Starting the new year with a new fragrance, Parfums De Marly in January 2021, will unveil Delina La Rosée, the latest addition to its collection of feminine scents, Delina and Delina Exclusif. Available across the Middle East, Delina La Rosée is a sensorial delight, capturing nature’s most captivating marvels, the beauty of fresh blooms, in a fragrance.

Delina La Rosée is a treasure trove of surprising notes that embody a timeless olfactive narrative with a touch of freshness that delicately brightens the skin from morning to night. With a vibrant radiance and a stirring floral composition, the fragrance takes its inspiration from the 18th century, when young French ladies soaked their handkerchiefs in dew to moisturize their faces. The golden age of the perfumed court is no more, but its refinement lives on and Delina La Rosée is a contemporary ode to the luxury of nature – the sky, water and the earth. The elements merge in a condensation of noble materials doing justice to the alchemy of luxury perfumery.

Julien Sprecher, founder of Parfums de Marly drew upon nature and created a fragrance adorned with a blend of transparent water flowers and peony that unite multiple notes of fresh, velvety, impertinent and delicate rose. “Who has not been enthralled by nature’s mystery: the pearled radiance of a droplet upon a flower petal, or a tiny spider web suddenly in the iridescent colors of the rainbow? When I was a child, I remember the immense rose bed in my grandmother’s garden in France. I would get up early in the morning and run to smell that unique fragrance of rose dew before it dissipated. I believe that the memory of this smell is a universally shared emotion – one I wished to recreate in this fragrance,” says Julien.

Delina La Rosée’s frosted glass bottle encases a bouquet of sensations made of the finest materials and the most regal of these notes, Turkish rose, unfolds in elegance. Pear, lychee, and bergamot scents add a gourmand touch while a perceptible but subtle base of wood, white musk and vetiver envelops the senses.

Top notes
Italian bergamot is an essential oil obtained by cold-pressing bark peel. It offers radiant citric top notes that are rich, soft, and fruity, before giving way to a grassier, balsamic scent.

Heart notes
The most precious rose in perfumery, Turkish rose essence, which is grown in the Isparta region of Turkey, named the ‘Rose triangle’ for the mountains which protect terraced rose production from excessively hot or cold winds. It produces a typical fragrance that is spiced, honeyed and slightly green. Approximately three tons – one million roses – are necessary to produce one kilogram of this essential oil.

Base notes
Vetiver is sourced from various parts of the world, including Java, Madagascar, Brazil, and India, but perfume makers consider Haitian vetiver to be the most refined and harmonious. Haitian vetiver oil is obtained by distillation and yields dry, smoky notes with an exquisite nutty tone.

Since its creation, Parfums de Marly has committed to finding and using the finest ingredients to ensure the alchemy of a perfume on everyone’s skin. Each formula combines the most natural, the rarest, and the most luxurious essences in perfumery.

Delina La Rosée launches in January at boutiques and e-shops, and in February at other sales locations. It is available in a new 75-ml frosted pink bottle priced at AED 1,050.


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