The World’s Most Expensive Biryani

Rejoice with Royalty at Bombay Borough in DIFC launching The World’s Most Expensive Biryani

Celebrate Bombay Borough’s 1st Anniversary with The Royal Meal; an expedition of Indian Savor

Dubai, UAE (January 2021): Bombay Borough, DIFC’s latest all-day Indian Bar & Eatery invites you to celebrate its 1st Anniversary with the Worlds’ Most Expensive Biryani.

At Bombay Borough, we believe that good food tastes best when shared with good friends. We introduce you to a heavenly experience with our signature creation, The Royal Gold Biryani. Our Meal of the Royals is enriched with unique Indian spices and 23 karats edible Gold. Could this BE anymore magnificent! The Royal Gold Biryani exclusively priced at DHS 1,000, holds the title for the world’s most expensive biryani, and is here to take you on an enticing journey of unique flavors and aroma adding up to your extravagant Dubai experience.

Prepared with passion, a delight to the eyes, the Royal Gold Biryani is Indian cuisine with a difference!

To start off 2021, pamper yourself luxuriously with our Gold Leaf kababs- The Kashmiri lamb seekh kababs, old Delhi Lamb chops, Rajput chicken kababs, Mughlai koftas, and malai chicken roast served on a bed of saffron-infused biryani. The Royal Gold Biryani is complimented by a wide selection of our exquisite sauces, curries, and raitas. It is the exuberant journey to experience Royalty. This royal meal is served in a Thaal and the Gold Biryani is garnished with 23 karat edible Gold.

Give your taste buds the royal treatment and try the world’s most expensive biryani. Bombay Borough is the perfect place to experience India with an explosion of flavors. For those who want to experience the journey through Indian cuisine, Bombay Borough is the place to go for. The Royal Gold Biryani is carefully curated with the selection of India’s unique spices, flavors, and ingredients. It takes you on a culinary adventure that serves the very best of Indian kababs and grill.

Visit and celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Bombay Borough, the Royal Gold Biryani and embark on a culinary journey you have never experienced before.

The Royal Gold Biryani serves 4-6 people and requires 45 minutes preparation time. The Royal Gold Biryani is available to you at an absolute price of DHS 1,000. Bombay Borough is located in Gate Village 3 at Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) just below Capital Club, next to Sotheby’s, opposite Gate 2. You can place your reservation at or by calling on (+971) 43271555

What are you waiting for? Reserve your table today and indulge yourself at Bombay Borough, DIFC’s latest Indian Bar & Eatery.

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Facebook: Bombay Borough UAE

Instagram: @bombayborough_uae

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