Levi’s® and A Bathing Ape® Create Ultimate Exclusivity for Spring 2021

Levi’s® x BAPE®

Levi’s® and A Bathing Ape® Create Ultimate Exclusivity for Spring 2021

21st January 2021, Dubai, UAE: As one of the founders of modern streetwear, few brands garner as much devotion as Japan’s A Bathing Ape®. With their trademark camo prints, shark hoodies, and ape head logo, they’ve long established themselves as one of the most covetable, not to mention playful and irreverent, streetwear labels on the planet. For Spring 2021, they’re bringing that playfulness and allure to the third installment of the Levi’s® x BAPE®collaboration.

Featuring a lineup of re-imagined Levi’s® classics, with special focus on the Levi’s® Type III Split Trucker Jacket, the Levi’s® x BAPE® collection puts a premium on collectability and exclusivity. Available via three exclusive drops—Dubai in December 2019, Miami in March 2020, and globally this coming January 2021— each featuring unique colorways of the Levi’s® x BAPE® camo print.

For the global launch, the five Levi’s® x BAPE® Split Trucker Jackets feature the same re-imagined half-and-half construction as the Dubai and Miami Trucker Jackets with traditional shank button front and a full zipper down the back. So for those ultra-ambitious traveling collectors, acquiring all nine will mean over 70 possible unique Levi’s® x BAPE® Split Trucker Jacket combinations. For Dubai, the BAPE® model Trucker featured black twill on the outside and a Dubai camo print on the inside, as well as a Levi’s® version in camo outline print indigo denim simulating Levi’s® authentic gold stitching. For Miami, it’s a pink, blue, and sea foam green camo Trucker from BAPE®, and a medium stonewash indigo Trucker from Levi’s®. And for the global drop, five different versions of the camo Trucker Jacket, along with matching Levi’s® 501 ‘93s, will be dropped in exclusive colorways globally.

The global collection also includes the Levi’s® x BAPE® Western Shirt, Bandana, 6-Panel Cap, and special Zip Front Trucker Jacket featuring a paneled mix of the five exclusive Levi’s® x BAPE® global camo print colorways. (The Zip Front Trucker Jacket does not feature mix-and-match split system.)

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