MicroSafe Group in Collaboration with Dubai Municipality, …..

MicroSafe Group in Collaboration with Dubai Municipality, Conducts Health Workshops Among School Kids and Distributed 15K Hygiene Anti-Microbials

15 Dec 2020, Dubai, UAE: In the ongoing fight against COVID-19, the UAE has demonstrated more conscious practices and provided awareness about cleanliness, hygiene, and keeping the environment bacteria – free to reduce the spread of infection. Thus, in turn, creating a new lifestyle.

‘MicroSafe Healthy School Squad’ was launched in collaboration with the Dubai Municipality who organized online and in-classroom Health Workshops. Apart from surface disinfection (especially the frequently used gadgets and high-touch surfaces), social distancing, the use of face masks, and healthy eating habits; the initiative encourages school kids to follow health protocols such as proper handwashing with soap and water or using a trusted anti-microbial spray or gel with the right amount and technique. As part of the campaign, over 15K school kids have received MicroSafe Hygiene Anti-Microbials. This campaign will be expanded throughout a consumer education program with the UAE social media influencers at the forefront.

The MicroSafe Group is genuinely dedicated to being the voice of this movement, armed with 20 years of experience fighting infectious disease globally. “Advancing biomedical science and infection control is the core of our company mission. For years now, we have been developing what UAE consumers, families and kids deserve. Our products range from high-level disinfectants, advanced dermatology, and skincare products, personal and advanced wound care, and a wide range of animal health products. All MicroSafe products are tested and approved to be “safe as water”, all natural, contain zero toxic chemicals, zero alcohol, and are scientifically tested and approved by internationally recognized health regulatory bodies such as the United States FDA, European CE, Australian TGA, Health Canada, Saudi FDA, and the UAE MOH,” said Mrs. Safa Qadumi, Founder and CEO of MicroSafe Group. 

“MicroSafe Group has been fighting pandemics for almost two decades, and this particular pandemic has undeniably enforced the importance of cleaning and disinfecting during our day to day lives. Significant demand for disinfectants and sanitizers has nonetheless created an unprecedented surge of new products in the market. I generally recommend people to be very diligent in searching for safe and effective products. Unfortunately, there are products in the market today making false claims and giving the consumer a sense of a false security” she added.

The MicroSafe Group, with the Dubai Municipality and the support of UAE social media influencers, is giving back to the community in the unified fight against the corona virus through proper health education, cross-functional information, and experience sharing, that is both engaging and inspiring.

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