FACES, one of the region’s largest luxury beauty retailers, onboards Dubai’s own stylish perfumery, Arcadia by Amna Al Habtoor.

The niche perfumery was born to transform scents into memories; it is where sentimentalists and preachers of nostalgia reside. Priding itself for being unreserved, progressive, and experiential, all while being connective and rooted, it is a blank canvas for the unconventional. Get ready fragrance connoisseurs!

One of the key pillars of the FACES transformation, started 18 months ago, is combining internationally renowned brands with locally founded, sustainable, and niche concepts. Amna Al Habtoor redirected her career from luxury lifestyle to one of her passion: The Art of Perfume. Her lifelong dream was realized in the nostalgic essence that is now Arcadia.

A brand that has captured the international scene’s attention (and scent), through its deeply rooted cultural values, while modernizing the brand’s approach by breaking gender and cultural barriers. All the while, paying homage to the Dubai traditions.

Aiming to progress the Middle Eastern culture of scents through a contemporary and experiential manner, the three collections will surely be a sensory experience not to be forgotten. Now available at FACES.COM.

FACES, Live your beauty.

Follow Faces @facesbeautymiddleeast or visit www.faces.com for the latest in all thing’s beauty!

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