Calling All Trufflemakers!

Calling All Trufflemakers!

Order in and level up with CarniStore’s WAGYU TRUFFLE BURGER BOX. Your favourite homegrown online butcher has an epic offering guaranteed to impress.

Perfect for an intimate gathering, the beautifully marbled, melt in your mouth wagyu beef patties are scented with decadent Japanese Truffle Mayo. Carmelised onions and aged cheddar round out flavours of the best burger you’ll ever make. The kit includes all of the ingredients. All you need to do is toast your buns, cook your meat and wait for the compliments to pour in.

Greatness is a click away!

The Kit:
4 Wagyu Beef Patties (150 grams each)

4 Potato Buns

4 Aged Cheddar Slices

Caramelised onions

Japanese Truffle Mayo

The Method: 

Grill or pan sear

CarniStore’s Wagyu Truffle Burger Box is priced at AED 120 and is available to order for delivery via or calling 04 331 3337.

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