reveals the last five artists in 2020’s “The Artists” series reveals the last five artists in 2020’s “The Artists” series

  • In time for the Festive Shopping Season, shoppers can start the year with a fresh new look in their homes with the latest collection of cushion and ottoman covers 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “The Artists” Series of 2020 comes to a completion with the final reveal of cushion and ottoman covers by Origins Collective. The last five of the 15 designs have just been launched on the site. From the bold and abstract, to the chic and feminine, the latest release of designs features the work of artists from across the UAE.

Revealed just in time for the festive shopping season, the designs will be great new additions to homes across the region. Whether buying as a gift or personally, the artistic pieces are sure to be a conversation starter in one’s home.

Or if shoppers are looking to add new energy in their homes for 2021, the addition of these décor accents can liven up existing spaces with a new splash of color and pops of art.

In addition to creating beautiful designs for shoppers, this initiative was started by Origins Collective, a start-up to help other start-up artists and to motivate the community through sustainable activities. With each sale, the artists benefit from a portion of the proceeds.

Co-founder and manager Ruchika Sangal commented, “We have really enjoyed bringing the art of local artists into tangible objects that can be enjoyed for many years to come. This year we worked with 15 incredible talents and are so delighted to see their art in the homes of many. The collection has been very popular, and we will bring it back next year with more from these and new artists from across the region.”

The artists include:

Amna Alrais is an Emirati visual artist. Her limited-edition collection, entitled ‘Sky’, features delicate watercolour representations of birds and butterflies, which the artist says also represent how high dreams and ambitions can take people.

Phillipa Cooper’s work for Origins Collective tries to capture life beauty through the eyes of animals, with the artists explaining: “In our lives, there are so many beautiful little moments. It’s not until we stop and really look, we notice them. In my art collection, I try capture these beauties through the eyes of the animals whether it be being proud to be yourself, achieving unreachable goals or enjoying the simple music of everyday life.”

Mixed medium artist (pen, ink, watercolors and acrylic) Ria Shanker’s work celebrates women. She has always felt passionately about the strength of women in every culture and the close bond they share with nature. The complexity of the mind, emotions and intuition are common subjects of her work – a homage to the wonders of nature and women alike.

Sarah Ali – A bold ethnic aesthetic fused with vibrant colors and patterns

Sangita Agarwal brings powerful and pretty 3D embossed art to the mix, featuring bold flora and fauna designs.

Other news from Origins Collective:

  • For shoppers in the UAE, the  collections can now be purchased via and get paid in installments with ZERO interest for up to four months.
  • Global shipping is now available via UPS.
  • To answer any queries by shoppers, a new live WhatsApp chat feature is now available and the team can be reached on +971 52 9953213.
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