Thank your mother this festive season with the best kitchen gadgets under AED 1500

Thank your mother this festive season with the best kitchen gadgets under AED 1500

There’s no better time to show some gratitude for the amazing people in your life than on Thanksgiving and Christmas. A mother is someone who has been there for you since day one, nurturing you, and then putting up with your teenage antics to celebrating adulthood milestones. A mother will appreciate any gift, but the most important woman in your life deserves a far more meaningful and useful gift.

Before you decide upon one of those traditional gift ideas like an expensive showpiece or a well-being gift set, why not present her with enhancing kitchen gadgets, that will make her life easy, and cooking meals for the family less cumbersome. Here is a selection of kitchen appliances from Panasonic that fit your budget and packed with features your mother will appreciate while creating your favourite meals.

Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-ZJ3500

Price: AED999.00

Who doesn’t love the yummy kibbehs, koftas and samosas made by their mothers? Panasonic’s MK-ZJ3500comes with the ideal ‘R-Shaped’ blade angle, fast and quiet operation for this job. The MK-ZJ3500 has everything one needs in a meat grinder, the real secret to delicious, homemade mincemeat. This ‘Made-in-Japan’ meat grinder produces less noise, grinds large amounts of meat in an incredibly short amount of time. It has a powerful DC motor that operates on a maximum of 3,500W to produce outstanding torque.

Panasonic 4-in-1 Convection Oven with healthy air frying NN-CD87

Price: AED1374.00

Specially designed to make cooking easier and healthier, this convection oven NN-CD87 by Panasonic combines microwave with convection heating to make tastier food quicker. Your mother does not need to worry about overcooking or undercooking with the ‘Genius sensor’ that monitors steam and adjusts reheating time automatically. The 34L convection oven comes with Healthy Air Frying auto menu’s and Re-bake bread program, so your mom can try her own signature air fried chicken or perfectly fluffy croissants at home. The best feature she would fall in love with is the smart combination cooking program that allows selection of the right ‘heat & time’ combination with a single push of a button.

Panasonic 3-in-1 Juicer Blender MJ-DJ31

Price: AED 524.00

Gift your mother the all in one juicer blender, which comes equipped with a glass jug blender and dry mill, to assist her in everything she needs to make, be it a healthy nourishing smoothie or fresh ground coffee. It makes making juice, puree, and many other entrees much easier. Panasonic MJ-DJ31 juicer gives freedom from messy chopping and straining processes. A large-diameter juicer means one can drop in a whole apple without cutting it into smaller pieces. The all-metal spinner holds the ingredients in the middle to cut them finely ensuring extraction of the best flavours and whole goodness of the fruits. The juicer comes with a convenient tilting and 120-degrees rotating spout. The juicer with glass jug blender and mill still fits in small space, which is great for kitchens needing a juicer that is small but multipurpose.

Panasonic Ice Crushing Blender MX-KM5070

Price: AED281.00

Make the preparation of healthy refreshing juices, easier for your mother with Panasonic’s Ice Crushing Blender MX-KM5070. The specially designed sawtooth blades, four ribs on the jug, and the special V&M technology ensure ice blocks are crushed efficiently and effectively. With a powerful 800W motor and other features, tough glass jar this blender is the best money can buy and equally useful in the kitchen. The is sure to win the smiles of your mother this festive season.

Panasonic Fully Automated Bread Maker SD-ZB2512

Price:  AED1364.00

Make your mother awe with this marvellous automated bread maker from Panasonic. Gift her the SD-ZB2512 automated bread maker that has maker that has up to 13 hours timer settings, this Christmas to give her freedom from kneading and stress of mixing the right amount of ingredients. Designed to provide ease and effortless convenience in the kitchen, this fully automated bread maker features yeast and fruit nut dispensers. The yeast dispenser drops yeast automatically at the optimum timing, like a skilled worker, while the raisin nut dispenser pushes out chopped dried fruits perfectly. The perfectly timed dispensation ensures an even distribution of ingredients for the loaf. With temperature sensors and a total of 33 programmes for bread, dough as well as jams and compotes. She can even make her very own sourdough bread and try out the 100% gluten-free programme. The SD-ZB2512 is a must-have for easy preparation of foods tailored specifically to your taste & dietary needs.


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