Documents Required for Dubai Court Marriage

Documents Required for Dubai Court Marriage

Your journey towards a happy married life begins right after engagement. With all of the planning preparations you and your partner are making for the upcoming wedding, from the wedding ceremony’s venue to the wedding outfits, it is likely for legal requirements to be forgotten. 

When you’re getting married in Dubai, it is absolutely important to be aware of the legal requirements. Whether you plan on having a Dubai court marriage or a wonderful event in a temple or church, take note of the points we’ll provide you in this article.

What are the Dubai court marriage requirements?

There are a few things that you have to know if you wish in conducting a Dubai court marriage. These are some of the initial requirements:

  • Legal age to marry – for ages 18 to 21 who wish to marry, an attested/authenticated letter of consent from the parents is required; for ages 21 to 25 who wish to marry, an attested/authenticated advise of parents is required. There is no requirement from parents for those who are 26 years old and above
  • Duly accomplished marriage application form
  • Authenticated birth certificate of the contracting parties (for both the bride and the groom)
  • Authenticated certificate of civil status (for both the bride and the groom)
  • Passport original and certified true copies 
  • Recent and colored passport size photos
  • Notarized written consent of first wife or wives, if applicable, for a married Muslim male (consent of first wife document must be authenticated by the embassy or consulate of the applicant or by the Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs)

For a widow or widower:

For a widow or widower who wish to marry in UAE, he/she must wait 300 days following the death of the spouse prior to being allowed in applying for marriage. There are also additional requirements apart from the aforementioned, which are as follows:

  • Death certificate of the deceased spouse duly authenticated by proper authorities including the Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs
  • Attested marriage certificate
  • Attested advisory on marriage

For divorcees:

For those whose marriage got divorced or annulled, the following requirements are to be presented:

  • Judicial declaration or decree of nullity or divorce with the certificate of finality that is issued by competent courts and duly authenticated
  • Annotated marriage certificate that is null and void duly authenticated by proper authorities
  • Authenticated advisory on marriage

Notes to remember for Dubai court marriage:

  • Same sex marriage isn’t legal in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Marriage officiants can solemnize marriages within the country provided that they are registered with the relevant government entities.
  • On the wedding day, the contracting parties to a court marriage in Dubai will have to sign marriage certificates with two witnesses.

Now that you know the general legal requirements for Dubai court marriage, you can now start with the compilation. Take note: the documentation required for Dubai court marriage can differ, depending on the nationality, civil status, and citizenship or residency of each contracting party. It is best to consult with marriage lawyers in Dubai for more tailored advice.


Obada Jamal Eldeen Hasan

Family Law Consultant

Atty Obada represents clients when dealing with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization in the UAE in order to facilitate peaceful settlements for labor and employment disputes. He helps ensure they are ceased in their tracks prior to escalating into major litigation cases. His expertise when it comes to labor legislation in UAE include illegal dismissals and unfair labor practices.

Since qualification, Atty Obada has also dealt with the aspects of UAE family law. Part of his work is dealing with resolution for financial issues upon the breakdown of a relationship, but he is equally experienced in representing clients for child custody cases and advising about cohabitation or prenuptial agreements. His clients have found his approach (especially to children) to be sensitive and pragmatic!

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