Christie’s Matters of Material – a platform for Art with a Conscience


Supporting Art with a Conscience

Dubai | LondonOn November 11, Christie’s will be presenting “Matters of Material”, anexhibition andonline sale dedicated to promoting diversity and sustainability in the international art market. The initiative will be part of the Middle Eastern Modern and Contemporary Art sale week taking place this November in London.

Showcasing contemporary artists from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the prevalent theme among the selected works will be on how materials can be used and recycled to create powerful statements and works of art, as well as how the selected geographies share universal and mutual creative affinities. This salewill running online from Nov 11-24.

Dina Nasser-Khadivi, Christie’s international consultant and guest curator of the sale, defines the auction concept as follows: “One of the beauties of the art world is that it can transcend borders and Christie’s has been instrumental at giving artists around the globe a voice and a platform. They were the first auction house to launch the Middle Eastern category and raise awareness about the cultural and artistic potential of the region. There is an important Middle Eastern diaspora in the world -including in both Africa and Latin America- as well as mutual affinities between the chosen geographies. This becomes apparent through the selection of artists in this sale. Diversity, sustainability, innovation and multi-cultural connections are the core pillars behind Matters of Material, or in short art with a conscience.” 

This collaboration aims to emphasize how diversityis key in today’s art market and how crucial it is to support a wider group of artists and multi-cultural initiatives under the current climate where so many economies and artistic communities have been affected by COVID-19. The online sales at Christie’s will enable new means of international outreach and help forge a strong global platform for such initiatives. 

Art with a Conscience: part of the core messages behind the curatorial approach is how the adopted techniques and materials by the selected artists translate into their messages, all of which are universal concerns such as creating sustainable art, combining the local crafts with the global trends, as well as important topics such as gender equality, identity and globalization amongst others .

Aiming to equally engage with seasoned and young collectors, Matters of Material will include works from acclaimed artists Monir Farmanfarmain, Olga de Amaral, Eduardo Terrazas, Gabriel de la Mora, Farhad Moshiri, Pascale Martine Tayou, Maha Malluh, Ghada Amer, Mounir Fatmi, Nabil Nahas, Moataz Nasr as well as younger emerging stars such as Lina Ben Rejeb, Catalina Swinburn and Mahmoud Bakhshi.

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