A Cimenteira do Louro showcases design excellence at Dubai Design Week this November

A Cimenteira do Louro showcases design excellence at Dubai Design Week this November

Dubai, UAE, 9th November, 2020: Despite the unprecedented challenges this year, A Cimenteira do Louro – ACL a Portuguese brand will return to Dubai this year to showcase its innovative flooring and wall tiles solutions at Dubai Design Week, taking place between 9 – 14 November 2020.

ACL did not stop innovating and pushing the boundaries to create exceptional designs in indoor and outdoor flooring and wall tiles solutions.

“We are thrilled to return to Dubai this year with our new product portfolio. Despite all difficulties this year, we took this time to reinvent ourselves and take our commitment to innovation to the very next level. Thanks to our excellent technical and visual skilled experts, we perfected our offerings and our company’s indoor and outdoor floorings and coverings are now used in all types of international architectural projects,” said Paulo Lima, from Marketing Dept. at ACL.

The combination of different textures and colours of ACL wall tiles create different lifestyle experiences and provide a unique dynamism to each division. Adjustable to the individuals’ needs, it allows the creation of numerous tailor-made indoor and outdoor designs. Sourced from natural concrete, the textures and colours of nature create elegant and contemporary and retro-style industrial designs alike. Whether industrial, rustic or contemporary architectural styles, ACL concrete wall tiles add a sense of cosiness to both homes and commercial spaces. Guided by its beauty and versatility, the company’s coverings bring a sense of enjoyment and create a harmonious coexistence between environments.

Exhibiting at Stand R07 and launching exclusively to this market new product designs – including “ARDOS”, “BERGO”, RISCADO PLUS” and “HANDO PLUS” wall tiles – ACL combines nature inspired designs with contemporary art and elegance.

Products like ARDOS wall tiles, combines comfort with character that transforms the architectural space into a dimension of well-being aligned with the elements of nature.

BERGO is a serene line, but fearless and striking at a palette of four colours of natural stones. Exterior and interior spaces are naturally integrated with the true essence of the environment.

ACL has also brought some new colour trends to the palette, such as MADEIRA and TRAVERTINO concrete floorings that combine the durability of the concrete with the aesthetics of the wood and natural elements.

Some of the beloved and well-known wall tiles collections, such as VERTICES, PRISMA, HANDO and HANDO PLUS have been further perfected to reflect the sophistication and elegance fused with warmth that concrete could bring into your everyday life.

 “This year’s Dubai Design Week might be different, but for us it will still remain the platform that is committed to celebrate and promote design and creativity across the country. By returning to this annual event is a testament from our end that we are unwaveringly dedicated to our audiences, who are truly appreciative of our innovative styles and solutions”, Lima continued. 

ACL products can be purchased in Dubai through Casamia Building Material Trading LLC.

For more information, please visit: https://aclweb.pt/en

To watch our video and learn more about our products, please visit: https://bit.ly/2HlB7yH

About ACL, A Cimenteira do Louro:

ACL is a Portuguese company operating both regionally and internationally for more than 45 years. Founded in 1975, ACL combines aesthetic, reliability and constant development in their products and services of wall and floor coverings, creating a harmony of renowned efficiency. This allows the brand to be part of some of Portugal’s largest infrastructure projects, including highways, roads and pavements using concrete to better improve the environment. 

For interior and exterior wall tiles, ACL continues to focus on a contemporary and modern line, following the current trends in interior architecture for houses, commercial and public spaces such as football stadiums, schools, universities and shopping centres.

ACL is constantly looking for the best materials and the most innovative products that meet the needs, demands and trends of the international market. With this in mind, the company carefully selects the materials and follows rigorous production methods working with a large team of professionals.

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