Exploring diversity and tolerance through stories at SIBF 2020

Exploring diversity and tolerance through stories at SIBF 2020

Sharjah, November 8, 2020

At the 39th Sharjah International Book Fair currently being held at Expo Centre Sharjah, AlHudhud Publishing & Distribution – a pioneering Emirati publishing house in the region, commits to its vision of promoting the nation’s cultural traditions and heritage to the cosmopolitan community of more than 200 nationalities that live in the UAE, through its many English and Arabic language books that showcase Emirati heritage and values.

While the refreshing visual language of the award-winning The Boy Who Knew Mountains stays true to the environment and culture of the emirate of Fujairah, in Suhail’s Abu Dhabi Adventure, the scene shifts to the capital city of the UAE where the young boy visits the ancient island village of Umm Al Nar, its old town souqs and the majestic fort of Qasr Al Hosn.

In PengOuins – The Bedouin Penguins, a lively bunch of flightless birds, waddle through the desert from Dubai to Liwa on a very exciting adventure. In Liwa, the penguins fall in love with the Bedouin culture, clothes, and dates.

The New Project keeps alive the spirit and traditions of the heritage of the UAE and delves into its practice of palm cultivation and harvesting of dates as the young generation learns of its significant role in the traditional UAE society.  

Several other books published by AlHudhud have a cross-cultural outreach and feature stories that engage children in meaningful conversations on universal values of tolerance, co-existence, and respecting and appreciating diversity.

Mahmoud Labanieh, Sales Manager at AlHudhud said: “While our books seek to promote Emirati culture and heritage, it also highlights the peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance of cultural differences that have shaped the UAE society over the years.”

AlHudhud has a selection of over 300 books in both Arabic and English by a wide range of aspiring as well as renowned authors. “Children deserve the best is our motto, and the publishing house plans to translate bestselling Arabic titles into English in the near future,” he added.


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