House of Pops Releases A Brand New Keto Line of Ice Cream, Creating A Low-Carb And Deliciously Sweet Treat

House of Pops Releases A Brand New Keto Line of Ice Cream, Creating A Low-Carb And Deliciously Sweet Treat.

November 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates—Eating low-carb is about to get a whole lot easier! House of Pops, the all-natural, eco-friendly pops brand for environment and health enthusiasts, has made ice cream that much more accessible for those with restricting diets. Now introducing a brand new Keto Line for their customers, House of Pops has released a sweet alternative containing close to zero grams of net carbs and sugar continuing to “spread their happiness” to all ice cream lovers, in a healthier way. 

A concept originating from and inspired by Mexico’s paletas, House of Pops is an indulgent, healthier alternative to your average ice cream. Closest to a ‘fruit-on-a-stick’ as one can find, House of Pops’ ice cream boasts of being 100% natural, and free of the nasties! With many adopting healthier lifestyles and in search of cleaner, more natural foods, House of Pops joins the movement by developing an entire line of hand-crafted, vegan pops featuring only five ingredients with fruit outranking all. This has in turn produced a winning formula: ‘all-natural, refined sugar and preservative-free, clean-label product’, defining the brand’s commitment to purity and wellness.

Continuing to support and cater to customer needs, House of Pops designed their Keto Line for those craving a sweet treat yet looking to lower their carb and sugar intake. Through the company’s various core values, House of Pops believes that Natural Happiness comes from health and wellness, which was the underlying decision to launch a low-carb and low-sugar line. For their Keto range, House of Pops has designed four mouth-watering flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and coffee pops, all ranging between a total of 0.8 to 1.7 grams in net carbs. Replacing the agave they use for their fruity pops, the ice cream company has incorporated an alternative sweetener called xylitol, which is produced from the fibrous, woody parts of corn cobs or birch trees. The carbs in xylitol are not counted in the few grams of net carbs of the ice cream as it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels to the extent regular sugar does, and only 50% of it is absorbed by the digestive tract! The main ingredients of these delicious pops include organic coconut milk, organic coconut cream, xylitol, natural vegetable fibers, and either 100% cocoa powder, natural strawberry, madagascar vanilla beans, or specialty coffee for flavor. 

House of Pops’ Keto ice cream can be found for delivery on their website and in outlets where their ice cream is sold. This new range can be bought in a box of eight pops with two of each flavor for AED 150 or separately for AED 25 a pop. 

“We are on a journey to spread Natural Happiness one pop at a time! We launched our Keto Line House of Pops, offering low net carbs, clean label, vegan pops made from real ingredients with no refined sugar. We want to cater to all those people who follow a special diet to enable them to indulge in tasty ice cream – We think it is a global human right,” shares Marcela, Co-Founder of House of Pops.

Another plus to House of Pops? The brand offers customizable options for corporations, festivals, and events, with everything from unique slogans engraved on the pops’ sticks, logos printed on the sleeves, to the option of fully-branding their pops bike, spreading happiness across the country one occasion at a time! House of Pops sells its ice cream online through their Instagram page, their website, as well as on delivery apps in the UAE. Finally, House of Pops plans to soon open multiple outlets around town and develop unique lines that can cater to popular diets.

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