Exclusive Interview with Paulo Lima, Account Manager – ACL

ACL- A Cimenteira do Louro, premier Portuguese brand was founded in 1975, their growth is based on constant innovation combined with the excellence of products.

ACL strategy is combining aesthetics, quality and the reliability of their products results in a unique alliance between technical know how and innovative and quality design, creating a harmony of renowned efficiency: the factor which differentiates them among their market competitors .

ACL  pro-activeness, quality and effectiveness have allowed them  to work on large infrastructure projects in Portugal, such as highways, roads and a number of different pavements.

ACL- is participating in Downtown Design, part of Dubai Design Week, taking place between 9 – 14 November 2020.  Likely to display their latest styles with a special collection in flooring and wall tiles solutions – “Hando Plus”, “Vértices”, “Riscado Plus” and “Siena”, being launched exclusively at the exhibition.

We get the opportunity with Paulo Lima, Account Manager  – ACL to have a very brief interview

Q:  Tell us something about your latest collection? What is the inspiration behind the collection?

A : We have various collections and will share the few below:


Date of launch:  January 2020

Product group: Wall coverings

The composition of the product: Colored concrete

We developed this product in order to dare with concrete wall tiles. It is strong in character, the ARDOS wall tiles is versatile and bold. Comfort combined with identity, transform the architectural space into a dimension of well-being in line with nature in an engaging and soothing way.

This product, innovates with its large format pieces. 


Date of launch: December 2019

Product group: Wall coverings

Composition of the product: Colored concrete

Bergo has challenging textures with concrete wall tiles. It is the answer to the seduction of what is natural. It’s a serene line, but fearless and striking at a palette of 4 colors of natural stone. Exterior and interior environments naturally integrated with the true essence of spaces. 


Date of launch: June 2020

Dex is a deck flooring, a safe, practical and comfortable solution, eliminating any maintenance with usual surface treatments on the conventional deck (natural wood or composites).

Composition of the product: DEX consists of a piece of ceramic on top of a mineral compound reinforced with fibers, ensuring increased impact resistance and contributing to a safer use of deck flooring. DEX is an innovative deck with a click installing system, that offers aesthetics, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and durability to the environment where it is placed. The aesthetic effect of wood allows you to create the most varied architectural environments.

Hando Plus

Date of launch:  December 2019

Product group: Wall coverings

Composition of the product: Colored concrete

Hando Plus combines the concept of Minimalist Design with the raw Industrial Design. Through its clean geometry and neutral tones, this concrete tiles allows to design spaces where the maximum “less is more” triumphs. Hando Plus is available in 2 colors and large format pieces – 1×0,50mt.

Riscado Plus

Date of Launch: January 2020

Product group: Wall coverings

Composition of the product: Coloured concrete

Riscado Plus has a charming and modest look and it is available in 4 colors. It is a safe choice for fans of elegance. Riscado Plus wall tiles, innovates with its large format pieces – 1×0,50mt.


Date of launch: January 2020

Product group: Wall coverings

Composition of the product: Coloured concrete

The Vértices wall tile is filled with contemporary and magnificence and invites us to embark on the future of architecture. This wall tiles line offers variety of shapes, 4 colours and 2 finishings. It innovates with its geometry and visual dynamics.

 Q:  What materials are used in the making of these flooring and tiles?

A: All ACL products are made of concrete, natural stone, water and binder and are, therefore, recyclable.

 Q: What are the challenges that you faced while manufacturing these products?

One of our main principles is to reduce the impact on the environment. Thus we always try to minimize environmental pollution, only using the necessary sustainable resources and adopting work practices that promote environmental efficiency. Our products have good mechanical resistance to compression, associated with a low apparent density. All of these features translate into great product durability.

The combination of aesthetics, quality with the reliability of our products results in a unique alliance between technical knowhow, innovation and quality design, creating a renowned efficient harmony: the factor which differentiates us on the market.

 Q:  What type of the products is the brand working on currently?

A: We at ACL are constantly working on R&D ( Research & Development)  of new products having in consideration new trends of colours, textures / patterns and shapes.

 Q: Where do you see ACL in the UAE market in the next few years?

A: We want to continue growing in the UAE market. For us this market is very challenging and therefore it provides lots of opportunities. We will keep investing in high quality marketing tools, being present in Design events and work constantly together and in win-win partnership with the distribution channels.

 Q:  What are your future plans as a brand?

A: Our future plans for ACL is to continue growing as Pan-European, Pan-America and Pan-Arabic brand, producing luxury, natural and sustainable floor and wall coverings.

 Q: The Luxury Product Business dynamics and matrix are altogether change after Covid 19 . How much impact will it have on your industry? and how long will it take to overcome.

A: Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the world and to the companies. The impact it will bring depends on how easy and fast we succeeded to pass through this pandemic. Anyway, in addition to the obvious negative impacts, the Covid-19 also brought positive impacts such as: more digital marketing tools – product simulators, virtual showrooms – that we will present at Dubai Design Week and a more accurate digitalization of the production process.

 Q: Next year Dubai is hosting the Expo 2020 is there any plan to participate

A: It is a huge opportunity to communicate our brand on the Expo 2020 and having that in mind we plan to participate on this worldwide known event.

Finally we conclude our interview with thanks and it was indeed very informative .

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