Summary of weekly real estate transactions for the week ending 22 October 2020

Summary of weekly real estate transactions for the week ending 22 October 2020.

Dubai: The real estate and properties transactions valued at AED 4 billion in total during the week ending 22 October 2020. The sum of transactions was 1,369.

67 plots were sold for AED 266.5 million, 825 apartments and villas were sold for AED 1.33 billion.

The top three transactions were a land in Al Thanayah Fourth sold for AED 25.5 million, followed by a land that was sold for AED 20.66 million in Al Merkadh, and a land sold for AED 25.5 million in Al Thanayah Fourth in third place.

Nad Al Shiba Third recorded the most transactions for this week by 28 sales transactions worth AED 68.81 million, followed by Jabal Ali First with 6 sales transactions worth AED 7.55 million, and Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid with 4 sales transactions worth AED 24 million in third place.

The top three transfers for apartments and villas were a villa was sold for AED 167 million in Al Hebiah Fourth, an apartment was second in the list sold for AED 137 million in Burj Khalifa, and thirdly it was an apartment sold for AED 136 million in Marsa Dubai.

The sum of the amount of mortgaged properties for the week was 2 billion, with the highest being a land in Mugatrah, mortgaged for AED 890 million.

102 properties were granted between first-degree relatives worth AED 248 million.


*First-degree relatives comprise an individual’s parents, siblings, children, or a fully owned company by an individual.

About Dubai Land Department:

Dubai Land Department (DLD) was founded in January 1960 to establish the most prominent real estate sector in the Middle East and the world. It provides outstanding and integrated services to all its customers while developing the necessary legislation to propel the real estate sector in Dubai through the regulation of the sector, organising and promoting real estate investments, and spreading industry knowledge in search of regional and worldwide real estate innovation.

DLD seeks regional and worldwide innovation in real estate with the aid of its active sectors that include real estate registration services, real estate investment promotions, and corporate support, and with the aid of its active organisations that include the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the Dubai Real Estate Institute, and the Rental Dispute Centre.

Unified Toll Free Number:

In order for Dubai Land Department to provide the best possible service in a rapid manner and to ensure the comfort and happiness of our customers, it has activated a new toll-free call centre number [8004488]. This can be used for all Dubai Land Department and Rental Disputes Centre enquiries.

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