Italy confirms 31 companies to take part in the virtual WETEX 2020

Italy confirms 31 companies to take part in the virtual WETEX 2020

The first 3D exhibition in the MENA region draws interest from leaders in Italian sustainability and renewable technology

UAE, Dubai; 24 October 2020: Exhibitors and visitors will be experiencing the first 3D exhibition of its kind in the MENA region, when WETEX 2020 opens virtually on October 26 – 28.  Continuing its long-standing support for the event, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has confirmed 31 companies will be taking part, almost 50% more than in 2019 edition.

The Italian companies will be showcasing the latest advancements of Italy in sustainable and renewable technology, with carefully selected companies covering a cross-section of the country’s offerings in the sector.  These developments on water treatment, recycling, solar energy generation and renewables, air control and environmental protection systems, and green building systems have contributed to Italy’s recent energy savings’ great performance with a reduction of 43 million tonnes carbon emissions last year: one of the best EU and world performances.

His Excellency Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE said, “Sustainable and renewable technology is a growing sector in Italy. We launched the National Sustainable Development Strategy three years ago, which looks to shape a new vision towards a circular, low-emission economy, resilient to climate impacts and to other global changes. We’re proud to have exceeded the 17% threshold of energy consumption with our renewable sources, a goal set by the European Green Deal which aims to decarbonise the energy sector across the continent.  Our National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan had set its own target – by 2030, 30% of Italy’s energy consumption must come from renewable resources.”

This is coherent with the similar UAE’s target to get 50% of its energy needs from clean sources by 2050.

Due to the major changes in both environmental and energetic policies of the country, Italian businesses are gaining momentum. Renewable energy sector contributes 48.5 million Euros to Italy’s national GDP. Last year in Italy 2.6 billion investments in the green sector have been activated and 14.8 billion will be invested in sustainability.

Leading the Italian pavilion at the all-new WETEX, Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE said: “The UAE’s renewable sector has not been dramatically affected by the pandemic, by confirming its resiliency. As a matter of fact, the supply of Italian components used for desalination and solar power plants to the UAE has steadily increased. Over the last three years, Italy has consistently been one of the UAE’s preferred suppliers for renewable energy sector components, with a 16.47% increase in the first trimester of 2020.

“Although this year has undoubtedly raised challenges, it’s still a very growing market and the Italian companies which are taking part in this year’s exhibition will, besides Covid-19 difficulties, present a number of exciting innovations, that can support the wider Middle East’s commitment to sustainability. The virtual format of this year’s event is a natural fit for a sustainability exhibition, and removing the need for a physical presence, has allowed a larger and wider range of companies from Italy to participate. We invite all Emirati business counterparts to schedule a free virtual meeting with the 31 Italian companies, by reinforcing trustfully our win-win commercial relations and looking forward next physical edition in 2021, the year of Expo.”

The 22nd WETEX is the 14th year that ITA will be participating. Although this year’s exhibition format will be a change from previous years, the 3D virtual environment will be equipped with an exhibition area, stands and booths. To register and visit the virtual Italian Trade Agency pavilion, please visit:

There will be a live chat facility integrated into the virtual platform so attendees can interact directly with exhibitors within the Italian Trade Agency pavilion, situated in the virtual Water and Sustainability Halls:

  1. Air Clean Srl –  Stand S32: designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, solid waste treatments plants, for industrial and municipal sector.

  2. Alfa Water Srl Stand W14: designs and manufactures all types of manual and automatic screens filters.

  3. Almec Spa – Stand S42: designs and manufactures electronic control units, PLCs, operator panels, push-button panels, radio control consoles, radio control receivers, remote diagnostics systems, satellite interconnection and geo-localization systems, actuators, as well as angular safety sensors.
  4. Amenduni Nicola Spa – Stand W20: produces vertical and horizontal axe industrial centrifuges, having the full control of all the industrial process starting from the raw material.
  5. Aqua Industrial Group – Stand W32: offers water treatment component moulding, pool equipment, and water systems
  6. Autemi Srl – Stand W18: designs, builds and installs lines of machines for sludge dewatering and process water filtration.
  7. DonadonSDD – Stand S34: produces rupture discs, safety devices that protect plants against the risk of pressure variation, and of venting panels, safety devices that protect industrial equipment from explosions.
  8. EEmaxx Engineering Srl – Stand S32:  Project Management, Engineering and Design, Construction, Environmental assessments, Legal, Financing, Procurement and Trading
  9. Elmiti Srl Stand S33: manufactures customised heaters and various materials such as mild steel, AISI 321, AISI 316 and INCOLOY 800.
  10. E.P.S. Srl Stand W33: specializes in the design and manufacture of moulds, plastic injection and assembly
  11. Etatron DS Stand W43: one of the oldest Italian manufacturers of chemical dosing pumps and controllers with more than 40 years’ experience.

  12. Faggiolati Pumps Spa – Stand W52: specialized in designing and manufacturing submersible electric pumps, mixers and aerators
  13. F.A.M. Snc di Checcacci S. & C. Stand W26: has been producing stainless steel components and equipment for water treatment and water-raising since 1977.
  14. FOR.TEC. Forniture Tecnologiche Srl Stand S31: manufacturer of high-tech ecologic solutions for hospitals, medical and industrial waste incinerators, animal carcasses and organic waste incinerators, crematories and pyrolytic burn-off ovens.
  15. FPZ Spa – Stand W19:  experienced in the design and production of fluid handling technologies
  16. Geoplast Spa Stand W44: regeneration of low- and high- density polyethylene and polypropylene
  17. Glob Eco Srl Stand S24: development of services which ensure an environmental management in compliance with the sustainability, quality, environment and safety policies by respecting and meeting the requirements of all the kinds of stakeholders.
  18. Graded Spa – Stand S40: designs and implements integrated energy solutions in the public and private sector in multiple reference markets –Public Administrations (PA), industrial, health and residential.
  19. Injecta Srl Stand W24: produces dosing system in the world of water treatment
  20. InnovAction Soc. Coop – Stand S25:  offers direct management service of equipment and supports companies and institutions in implementing a start-up and management plan.
  21. Kernel Sistemi Srl Stand S26: designs, produces and trades photovoltaic devices for megawatt solar plants
  22. Nobel Srl Stand W25: designs and manufactures systems for water treatment
  23. Officine di Trevi S.a.s Stand W35: specialized in the production of Electric Submersible Pumps trade-marked OFT
  24. Osmo Sistemi Srl Stand W42: provides technical solutions for treating primary seawater, brackish water, well water, surface water utilizing membrane separation technologies
  25. Picchio Srl – Stand S39: Specialized in the automotive sector, Picchio designs, manufactures, develops and homologates special cars (heat-engine, electric, hybrid), one-off or in very limited series  
  26. Plastek Srl Stand W61: production and installation of HDPE pressure fittings in pipeline networks
  27. Rovatti Pompe Spa – Stand W41:  produces a wide range of centrifugal pumps
  28. Saer Elettropompe Spa – Stand W53: manufactures pumps and motors, both surface and submersible ones.
The range covers applications such as civil, industrial, agricultural, naval, mining, O&G, HVAC, reaching till 5000 m3/h of flow and 60 bars of head.
  29. Scam Srl – Stand W34: manufactures thermal systems and water pumps
  30. Sereco Water and Wastewater Treatment – Stand W62: manufacturer of quality equipment for water, sewage and wastewater treatment
  31. Tecno Costruzioni Srl – Stand S41:  provides design services as well as construction and maintenance of both industrial and civil plants


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