Três Marias Coffee Company Launches Nespresso Compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules

Três Marias Coffee Company Launches Nespresso Compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 October 2020: Três Marias Coffee Company is excited to launch a new range of single origin Nespresso compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules delivering delicious and aromatic flavours to all coffee lovers’ kitchens.

A perfect mix of high-quality green coffee beans roasted into perfection, Três Marias Capsules contains 5.5g of coffee offering a smooth texture, leasant aftertaste, and a lot of flavours. The new capsules will have a lighter feeling than traditional capsules and focus on being true to the flavours of each single origin used.

Offering the perfect cup of coffee packed in a Nespresso compatible capsule, each box includes 10 capsules ready for any coffee lover to pop into their machine, close the slider and enjoy a perfect cup of Tres Marias Coffee at the press of a button.

Maria Eduarda Becker Pavani, founder of Três Marias Coffee Company said: “We’re excited to launch our first ever Speciality Coffee capsules in the UAE. Our aim is to stay true to the rich flavours of each single Coffee origin while also offering an easy and convenient way for our coffee lovers to enjoy their daily dose of coffee.”

The new range is presented in premium biodegradable and compostable packaging to ensure optimal freshness.  It comes in three diverse flavours; from the nutty essence of Brazilian coffee, the caramel sweetness of Colombian coffee, and the fruity and floral flavour of Ethiopian Coffee. Customers can select between the various flavours and order a box from AED 40.

All Três Marias Coffee products can be purchased through


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