Demand for Home Entertainment Concepts Continue to Rise in the UAE

Demand for Home Entertainment Concepts Continue to Rise in the UAE

Homeowners increasingly looking for bespoke home theatres, music lounge’s, and gaming zone’s, say industry experts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An increasing number of homeowners across the UAE are looking to set up luxurious home theatres, state-of-the-art music lounge’s and prime gaming zones say industry experts from DG+, the specialist audio-visual solutions provider of Sharaf DG.

DG+ is a unique concept introduced by Sharaf DG in the year 2007. It exclusively caters to individuals and institutions looking for end-to-end audio-visual solutions and installations for various applications within their homes, offices and commercial spaces. DG+ provides the best audio-visual systems establishing direct relationships with well-known international premium audio-visual brands.

The growth in demand for home entertainment is reflective of the industry data from Statista, who project the market size for smart home entertainment control systems in the UAE to reach AED 375 million by 2022. Globally, revenue in the home entertainment segment is projected to reach AED 45 billion this year, with an expected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% between 2020-2025, resulting in a projected market volume of AED 79 billion by 2025. The data from Statista also explains that the home entertainment segment already enjoys a household penetration of 6.3%, which is expected to hit 14.1% by 2025.

“UAE homes and apartments are among the best in the world for design and luxury, and our customers want their residence to stand out. Having bespoke home theatre, music lounge and gaming zone are on top of their list. We have been designing and bringing world-class products and solution to the UAE for 13 years. We understand what our customers need, and working with global partners, we reverberate premium entertainment experience into the comfort of their homes,” commented A. S. Pillai, Senior GM, DG Business.

“The trend is very much here, this year we have seen a double-digit growth within the business. We have been catering to high net-worth clients and celebrities in the region for several years. Our premium brands are the world’s best in replicating true cinematic experience at home. Our exquisite hand-crafted stereo brands give the feeling of a live Orchestra played individually for unrivalled entertainment. Our partner brands include Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio, Definitive Technology, Kef, Bowers & Wilkins and more,” added A. S. Pillai.

DG+ has a purpose-built customer experience lounge at Time Square Center in Dubai, where products and solutions can be experienced as they would in their own homes. “We are the specialist in designing home theatres, gaming zones and music lounges. With our expertise, we assure that our systems and service not only give a truly unique experience but the enhancement of a modern luxurious home and international lifestyle,” A. S. Pillai added.

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About DG+:

DG+ is a unique concept introduced by Sharaf DG in the year 2007 that offers some of the most elite brands in audio-visual technology to provide bespoke end-to-end installation service. DG+ takes the audio-video experience to a whole new dimension and caters to high net-worth individuals and institutions looking to set home entertainment, private theatre, gaming area etc. to their liking. Additionally, DG+ provides a unique service that meets the need of each client and further enhances services with AV system relocation. DG+ has its standalone boutique in Times Square Centre. To know more visit:

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